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The City Cycle

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The City Cycle is a chainless bike that uses a pedelec system in tandem with new belt technologies. Designed for urban commutes, which on average are shorter than 6 km, the City Cycle is intended for people who would otherwise stick to cars. Ask most people why they don’t ride their bikes to work and the answer is distance. Nobody wants to walk into work exhausted. Comfort is a key factor so before you naysayers poo-poo electric bikes for being an oxymoron, think about what it will take to get masses of people to switch back to two wheels.
Designer: Christian Vollmer

City Cycle Concept W500 The City CycleCity Cycle Concept1 W500 The City CycleCity Cycle Concept2 W500 The City CycleCity Cycle Concept3 W500 The City CycleCity Cycle Concept4 W500 The City CycleCity Cycle Concept5 W500 The City Cycle

Via: Yankodesign

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