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Sphero Robotic Ball

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What is Sphero Robotic Ball?

You will be truly amazed with this ball that seems to have a mind of its own as it rolls and lights up. Of course it does not have a mind of its own that is not possible. What is possible is someone is controlling it with the use of, your guess is right, Bluetooth.

Sphero Robotic Ball Sphero Robotic Ball

Watch Sphero Robotic Ball in action:

There are other ways you can use to control the Sphero Robotic Ball and that is through the use of any Android or iOS device and Orbotix-developed UI with a standard joystick interface. The interesting part here is it has a drawing capability. Draw a pattern using your finger and a few seconds later, the ball will copy it.

Where to buy Sphero Robotic Ball?

The Sphero Robotic Ball will cost you $129 which is significantly costly but mind you, it is definitely worth to have especially with kids and a pet cat around the house. The fun and excitement it will bring to your kids and everybody as well as the pet cat will be all worth it.

List Price: $129.99 USD
New From: $125.00 In Stock
Used from: $113.36 In Stock

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