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Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank

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Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank with Night Vision

Now you don’t have to be around the office or the house to monitor whatever is happening while you are busy attending to something more important.

Rover App Controlled Spy Tank Rover App Controlled Spy TankThis Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank has the ability to navigate the office or investigate what your dog is doing because of its audio/visual enabled and photo-taking features.

It has built-in microphone which lets you get the feedback in the device in real-time. The voice can be heard by you clearly.

It streams live video and take still photos with its camera that can be adjusted manually. This is one way of getting proof of anything that happened and with the photos taken. It also has infrared night vision that lets you see in the dark.

This Rover can be controlled by iPod touch, iPad tablet and iPhone device.

Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank makes its own Wi-Fi connection and no worry about frequency interference. It has a wireless range of 200 ft with no obstruction and up to 100 ft. around walls.

Where to buy Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank?

You can buy Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank on Amazon for $99.99 only!

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