Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Australian Wines Score Heavily in International Wine & Spirits Competition

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Australia has taken huge strides in the field of winemaking in recent years. This fact was established beyond doubt when the International Wine & Spirits Competition announced their awards for the Southern Hemisphere.  Australia’s mastery of winemaking was recognized worldwide when it cornered a staggering 568 medals in all. They received 27 Gold which were [...]

Ultra Sonic Wine

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No point in consuming wine that hasn’t aged sufficiently or buying plenty if you don’t have proper cellars to store them. A mid-way option is the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator concept. An appliance that features two-layered shelves with the inner walls emitting ultrasonic waves, to act on the molecules of the wine, [...]

Custom Libraries by Thatcher Wine Bring Back the Old World Charm of Bibliotheques

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Thatcher Wine, creator of Juniper Books creates great libraries that are customized and are targeted at a niche market. Much of the libraries that Thatcher designs are for luxury homes and high-end commercial establishments. Thatcher collaborates with Philippe Starck and design firm of Cullman & Kravis to design libraries that are really chic and out [...]

Exclusive: The Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer To Launch New Wine Label

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Anyone who is an avid fan of The Real Housewives of New York City will not be too surprised to learn that Ramona Singer, the perky blond cast member, will be launching her own Pinot Grigio wine brand, Luxist has learned. Singer’s love for Pinot Grigio is well-known to viewers. Indeed, in nearly every episode [...]

GE Monogram Introduces A Brand New Refrigerator To Not Only Preserve Your Wine, But Also The Environment

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One of the biggest names in consumer electronic products, GE Monogram, has now introduced an all new fully integrated refrigerator, that is not only capable of keeping your foods and vegetables fresh, but will also preserve your precious wines as well. Furthermore, this 30 inch fully integrated refrigerator will also come with a convertible drawer, [...]

SK Network’s Wine Collection Fetches a Whooping $6.2 Million

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Korea-based SK Networks was in the news for having put their fine collection of wine through the shelves of Christie’s Hong Kong. Recently, the collection was bought over and it raked as much as HK$48.13 million i.e. US$6.2 million for the sellers. This deal was reportedly the highest total amongst all that was ever put [...]

“2005 The Laird”: Australia’s most expensive table wine

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Lo And Behold! I present to you Australia’s most expensive table wine. It a Barossa Valley shiraz that was recently unveiled by Torbreck. And what is the price that has given it the priciest tag? Well a bottle of this wine will cost you around $700 and that comes to around $87.50 a glass. Christened [...]

Morrell Wine Bar & Café also Launches Luxury Wine by Glass

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The concept of ordering wine by the glass is not common and very often the option is not available. You either buy the bottle or skip it completely. But there are some luxury glass offerings available currently in New York City, for those who’d like a small taste of a wine that they might not [...]

Hidden France to Celebrate its First Anniversary With Beaune Wine Auction

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France has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its great diversity. From the panoramic mountains of the French Alps to the idiosyncratic architecture and the delightful weather, everything about France is so very magical. No wonder Diana Williams fell in love with this marvelous country. Her enduring [...]

Get VIP Passes To The Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival

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The Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival to be held between October 8-10 is going to attract some of the top stars of the Food Network. Well that is not all to surprising, considering these top chefs get their ‘bread and butter’ from the network. The Food Network will be offering a special [...]