Thursday, August 19, 2010

Washing Machine Goes Wall Mount

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As promised, I’m here with the details on the Dismount Washer. It’s a concept that looks at space saving and hygiene at one go. The way it works is like this, you have your own personal tub for your laundry that can be mounted on an “energy stick”. Using high-pressure steam as its source for [...]

Color Therapy: Tim’s Stairwell Feature Wall Reader Painting Project

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NAME: Tim LOCATION: Turks & Caicos Islands PAINT USED: Benjamin Moore | Margarita (2026-20) & Winter Solstice (1605) After painting the bookshelf “Caribbean Blue Water” (2055-30) and the rest of the walls in my loft “Winter Solstice” (1605), I moved on to my next feature wall. I knew from the day I moved in that [...]

Wall Street Journal Hits Back with a Brand New Weekly Section

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The Wall Street Journal is just going to get better for everyone, as it is going to cover up a brand new section of leisure and lifestyle. Those who always had an appetite for this particular section will not have to pay a fortune and buy magazines to replenish their knowledge, they can satiate their [...]

Rodeo Leather Wall Tile Collection for Different Look and Feel

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Here is a tiles collection created by Italian designer Rodeo for Studio Art which will take everyone by surprise. These wall tiles are not typical glazed colorful tiles, these are Leather Wall tiles which will not only will give different colorful look but provide the rich leather feel as well. The new colorful leather tile [...]

Beautiful Oak Floor and Wall Paneling

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What blogs like ours look out for when browsing through websites of furniture makers and suppliers to feature on our site are a great collection of visuals that show product realisations. Unfortunately very few makers seem to get this. Just to be clear, we are not really into flashy UIs, intro animations or doorway pages. [...]

Vacheron Constantin Watch Has Supporting Role In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Movie

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Oliver Stone’s new Wall Street movie (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the highly anticipated sequel to the first movie in 1987 about 1980’s era business practices on Wall Street. This time around, the events are said to cover the recent highly publicized unethical business practices on [...]

Wall Street Icon at Christie’s Sale

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Wall Street is still the center of wealth and ambition in this country although its reputation has dimmed somewhat recently. If you are an antiques collector or American history buff, you have a chance to own an iconic piece of Wall Street at a Christie’s sale. On June 22, Christie’s will auction off a cobalt-blue [...]

Ripple 3D Wall Tiles

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These modular, 3d wallpaper tiles will transform a room in minutes. Ripple PaperForms are a new and affordable design concept that adds instant color and texture easily. Tile a single wall or an entire room, all while staying on budget. Source: – Interior Design Blog -Interior Design Ideas, Tips & Inspiration

Wall mounted barbeque lets you enjoy grilled delicacies more often

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For those who are looking for a compact and innovative grill for their backyard, France-based Focus Fireplace has designed a wall-mount flip-down Sigmafocus charcoal barbecue for your day-to-day barbeque needs. This wall barbecue consists of a steel firebowl that folds up when not in use. The generous firebowl allows the barbecue to be used a [...]

Wall Mounted Foldable Compact Sigmafocus Barbecue Design is Magical

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Even though there are range of modern microwave ovens to grill and bake but nothing can replace the traditional barbecue and all the outdoor food and fun.  For the hardcore outdoor barbecue people Focus Fireplace has a range of innovative and interesting modern barbecue designs.  Here is wall mounted compact barbecue which can be attached [...]