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Cool Hunting Video Presents: Kim Rugg

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A London artist’s knife skills and knack for precision are the subject of our latest video “Some people like taking their time,” says artist Kim Rugg, whose artistic achievements are measured in millimeters, spent X-ACTO blades and picas. We spent the afternoon with Rugg in her London home and studio talking about her work re-imagining [...]

Seal Wears His Parmigiani Watch In “Secret” Music Video

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Seal released the single named “Secret” along with a corresponding music video – which are part of his upcoming new album called “Commitment.”The artfully filmed black & white video has Seal and his wife Heidi Klum in intimately in bed, wearing almost nothing. One thing that Seal is wearing however is a custom Swiss Parmigiani [...]

Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Video of San Francisco

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Click here to view the embedded video. Beautiful video of San Francisco with a tilt-shift effect done by MINIMUS. via @petapixel and @pamchun Source: Emily Chang – Designer

What’s That Weird Hand Dance Video? Meet Irish Dancers Cleary & Harding.

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This wacky and mesmerizing video has been rapidly climbing the viral charts since its debut on YouTube four months ago. A strange song accompanies a man and a woman at a table in front of an oddly decorated wall engaging in a choreographed ‘hand dance.’ What is it? Who are these people? If these questions [...]

Flip updates the UltraHD and MinoHD video cameras

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Since Photokina, the world’s leading trade fair for digital photography and creative imaging, is in full swing now, I have hearing about new cameras right and left. Cisco Systems is no exception as they have updated the UltraHD and MinoHD camera series. The UltraHD 1 Hour has about 4GB of storage, which is good for [...]

Cool Hunting Video Presents: SW_1

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Our video on Coalesse’s lounge-inspired conference furniture with designer Scott Wilson In this Cool Hunting video we visit the industrial designer Scott Wilson, founder of the Chicago shop Minimal and former Global Creative Director for Nike Explore. Taking us behind the scenes of Coalesse’s new SW_1 furniture collection, he walks us through the concepts and [...]

TIPP-EX : Shoot a bear ( Interactive video ).

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Very fine operation of the brand Tipp-Ex using the Youtube platform with perfection ! It’s called « A hunter shoot a beer » .Indeed, Buzzman and Tipp-Ex have used the interactive features of YouTube to get you master of the game !2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items

Lambo tuners DMC upgrades MTI powerboat for Gargiulo (video inside)

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JamesList favorites DMC first caught our attention with their aggressive take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost last winter, but the news of their “Quattro Veloce” package for the Lamborghini Murciélago might perhaps be what turned most people’s heads back in May – even Lamborghini themselves were impressed. It now seems that our Westphalian friends are gunning [...]

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Bristol Cars

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Our video on the world’s only manufacturer of hand-built cars by Michael Tyburski For this video we traveled to Kensington, London to check out the sole dealership of Bristol, the only manufacturer in the world that still hand-builds cars. There we met with chairman and owner Toby Silverton, as well as spokesperson Ben Samuelson, who [...]

Is Ferrari’s New $265,000 Supercar an Accident-Prone Firetrap? [video]

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Is there a curse on Ferrari’s new $265,000 supercar, the stunning 458 Italia? In the mere 90 days that have elapsed since the first models were delivered to well-heeled customers, 458s the world over have been the victim of an inordinate amount of crashes, fires and other mishaps, the sheer number of which seem to [...]

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