Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Munk Bogballe unveils Classic Bespoke luxury laptop collection

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It’s been more than two years after Munk Bogballe turned a MacBook into a luxury workstation. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, Munk Bogballe introduced its new luxury laptop line dubbed the Classic Bespoke collection. Pricing starts at €5,200 ($7,225) and for the same, you get lavish features like aluminum body, leather accents, [...]

Chanel Unveils Winter Skincare Inspired by Chocolate and Fuchsia

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Winter is here, and it is time it take care of the skin the way the chilly winds demand. Usually during the winter, the skin goes dry and remains listless for it is natural for the cold winds to suck the moisture from one’s skin. Thus, the most important tactic for us to keep our [...]

Romain Jerome Unveils Pen Made of Apollo II Pieces and Real Moon Dust

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There is a great level of interest among the affluent to purchase writing materials. It is not because they are going to write amazing stuff using the pen, but it is because they consider the pen as a status symbol, which they would probably use once to sign a business deal or to purchase a [...]

Swiss House Chien Luxe Unveils Luxury Pillows for Dogs

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The dogs always seem to have it all easy. They can bark at people without being beaten back, they can bite people and be treated medically, and also be given palatial kennels just for their existence. While dog lovers would justify the treatment given to their pets, there are many in this world that seem [...]

Corum Unveils Exclusive and Limited Billionaire Tourbillion Watches

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Rich are getting richer; millionaires are adding wealth to turn into billionaires and to make that distinction they need new exclusive accessories to flaunt that kind of wealth.  For such billionaires Corum has unveiled exclusive and limited Corum Romvlvs billionaire tourbillion watches.  Corum Romvlvs collection of watches has already made a mark in the luxury [...]

Acajou Unveils Opulent Additions Range Reminiscent of 18th Century France

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Acajou is the well known designer and manufacturer of high end bathroom furniture. Mind you, they make furniture not fixtures. You can rely on Acajou to come up with something rich and opulent. In fact the latest range that they have unveiled is called “Opulent Additions.”The design of the new range draws inspiration from the [...]

Boyd Lighting Unveils 24ct Yellow Gold Leaf Finish Sconce Lighting

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Lighting accessories have the ability to turn any ordinary room into a work of art. The Sconce lighting by Boyd Lighting is a magnificent home décor accessory that gleams with 32 asymmetrical rods of steel. Playful crystal spheres lay atop these rods and hallowed lamps or Led can be fixed for both downward and upward [...]

Fabien Cacheux unveils limited edition Elephant Automatic timepiece

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French designer Fabien Cacheux has earlier impressed us with the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS-inspired Silver Arrow Concept watch and the Bugatti Galibier GT concept watch. Following a good response from watch collectors, the designer has now launched his own watch brand Cacheux Haute-Horlogerie to manufacture timepieces. The first offering from the house is the Elephant Automatic, [...]

Spyker unveils its own limited edition timepieces collection

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Just in time for the holiday season, Dutch sports car company Spyker has rolled out its own timepiece collection, which celebrates the brand’s 24 Hours of Le Mans participation. The Spyker watches are available in solid 18K grey or rose gold finishes (250 pieces each) or in polished steel or matte black titanium finishes (1000 [...]

Cessna unveils Citation Ten, an advanced version of the Citation X

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After announcing the Citation Mustang High Sierra Edition a few months back, Wichita-based Cessna Aircraft Company has now announced the launch of the Citation Ten, a larger and advanced version of the world’s fastest certified business jet at 0.92 Mach, the Citation X. The new Citation Ten comes equipped with more efficient Rolls-Royce engines, Garmin [...]