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Twilight Umbrella to offer a starry night even when it rains

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Think that there is nothing more romantic than walking under the stars at night? Well, what happens when you have carefully planned a date, only for the weather to foil your romantic postlude which is a walk down the beach after a lovely dinner? Fret not, the Twilight Umbrella is here to help, as it [...]

Umbrella Dryer

July 22, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Mumbai magically transforms itself into a green city during the three months of monsoons that we get. The magic does come at the cost of careless people with dripping wet umbrellas in malls, shopping arcades and indoor public places. What they don’t realize is that slippery wet floors can cause nasty falls. I’ve been a [...]

Even Warmth Patio Umbrella Heater

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Want to prepare for winter? Well, if you happen to have a patio in your home and would like to sit outside even when the mercury drops later this year, you might want to consider investing $149.95 in the Even Warmth Patio Umbrella Heater from Hammacher. This is a special heater which is attached to [...]

Eclectic Color Roundup: 24 Color Rainbow Umbrella, Fouled!!!, The Fast Lane & Textile Sculptures

June 28, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Products 24 Color Rainbow Umbrella MoMA “This striking generously-sized umbrella brightens any day. Composed of 24 distinct panels (as opposed to the eight panels that make up traditional umbrellas), it surrounds the user in every shade of the rainbow when open.” World Cup Fouled!!! world identity lab “The Worldcup has started and it seems that [...]

Coffee Loving Umbrella

May 14, 2010 by · 10 Comments 

Try carrying your tall café latté in the rains! One hand full of your stuff, the other has an umbrella….get the drift? The solution is to get a functional Umbrella, like the one designed by Jung-Woo Lee. A convenient coffee-cup rim integrated into the handle solves the issue. I say cheers to more coffee and [...]

Umbrella The Guide Master

Umbrella The Guide Master

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Never get caught in the rain without a clue as to where to go. The Umbrella Guide has a city map printed on the inside of the nylon shell with attractions, cafes, restaurants, and hot spots pointed out. Pretty ingenious but which one of you designers want to step up and create one with a [...]

Rain Brush Umbrella

Rain Brush Umbrella

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Designed by Liu Hsiang-Ling and quite poetically  that brings out the relationship between an umbrella and the rain. Simple pleasures from the past that we have long forgotten; jumping into puddles or using a stick to draw in the sand! Her take is this Rain Brush Umbrella designed with a paint-brush (silicon) like tip, so [...]

Colour changing umbrellas

Colour changing umbrellas

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This miracle appears from the wonderful idea of Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes of Squid London, they makes the umbrellas with a special white ink that turns colored when exposed to water. This design makes people who hate walking in rain will be excited and like to walk in rain. Price: there are 4 diferrent [...]