Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interior Design Trends: Red and Gold

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Red and gold are quiet a unique combination to me. They seem like a color combination that fits well with Christmas. I know Halloween is just around the corner but you can not help but think about Christmas when commercials are already reminding us that it is soon approaching. So, here are some Red and Gold accessories to thwart [...]

Website Color Trends: Blue-green

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Colors that fall on the spectrum between the edge of baby blue and verdigris, including cyan, aquamarine, Bondi blue and teal, have always been a popular choice for websites. Whether used as the dominating color or just an accent this range can give websites a calming yet refreshing feel. Here are a few recent additions to this [...]

Interior Design Trends: Yellow + Brown

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Autumn has finally kicked in. The days are growing shorter and shorter, and the cool crisp air is creeping in. This is such a beautiful time of year. I love watching the leaves change during this time. The colors that stand out most to me are the golden yellows and browns. Well, that goes for red and [...]

Interior Design Trends: Orange & Gray

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October is here, it snuck up on us very quickly. I can remember the beginning of this year as if it was yesterday, and feel as if I was shoveling snow just a couple of months ago. I am not complaining, as I really enjoy this time of year with its crisp air and of course amazing colors. [...]

Luxury Trends for 2011: The Latest From The Luxury Institute

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The Luxury Institute conducts independent research with wealthy consumers about their behaviors and attitudes on customer experience best practices. Their white papers on luxury trends and consumer attitude change emerge consistently throughout the year. The most recent was published on October 10, 2011, on emerging luxury trends for 2011.. The Institute states, ” As the [...]

Shopping Bag Trends from Top Global Retailers & Clever Designers

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Now that we’re all familiar with The Most Powerful Colors in the World it comes as no suprise that the top 10 global retailers all follow those same color trends. All except for one, that it is (way to go Home Depot). When it comes to shopping bags the top global retailers stick to their color identities, but [...]

Interior Design Trends: Tan & Black

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Tan and black tend to be considered safe colors as they go with just about any other color. It think the black brings out the elegant side of tan and creates a rich complementing look. I have to say, I am loving the area rug and dinnerware set. bedding | art | chair | rug | pillow | dinnerware | lamp | pillar holder room 1 & [...]

Interior Design Trends: Blue & Gray

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Blue is calming and gray is balanced and neutral, so the two together work very well. Even more so if you choose a gray with a bluish tint. The effects of using the two colors in your home are positive and create a sense of calmness, while making a statement all at once. How do you feel about the [...]

Interior Design Trends: Lavender

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A pale violet with a touch of gray, Lavender is such a pleasing color. The fullness of the color comes through when grouped with white. Just as with any other color, if too much is used it can be a bit much, but just sprinkled here and there throughout your home can certainly add a nice [...]

Color Trends in Fall Advertising

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Collected from recent additions to the Ads of the World archives, here are some reappearing color trends popping up across different industries. Click on the images to find out more about the ad. Natural Palettes Events Games Music Services ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “bestcr”; ch_backfill = [...]