Sunday, August 22, 2010

Demeure: Designing A New Worldwide Travel Community

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Demeure is a unique travel recipe, combining various dimensions of well-known travel ingredients – some aspects of destination clubs, some of home exchanges, some of private home rentals, all making the Demeure travel choice far more expansive and in many ways far less expensive than ever before. It is primarily a next generation rental management [...]

Lexus LFA owners to get their customized travel cases as well!

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Lexus LFA owners have a reason to be happy. I mean they should be happy cause they have a$375,000 Lexus, but there is something else that I think will make them happier. Now these guys will have travel cases that have been made exclusively for this car. This means that the owners of Lexus LFA [...]

Aerion Corporation All Set To Resurrect Supersonic Business Air Travel

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One of the premier aviation companies, Aerion Corporation has now announced its plans to give a rebirth to the supersonic business aviation industry, as the company begins its $80 million Supersonic Business Jet (SBJ) program. In the year 1976, the world of commercial aviation witnesses a breakthrough with the induction of the world’s first commercial [...]

Eunoia: An Innovation in Zero-Emission Travel

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London-based industrial designer Thomas Tzortzi has announced his conceptual luxury ship called Eunoia. It is meant to question the ideals of western tourism and the loss of “culture” while I am intrigued by the idea of “loss of culture” I would have to deny that there is any such thing as “western tourism” If one [...]

A right time for hotels and travel companies to hire PR Companies to boost their popularity

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The summer season has already begun and people are all set to go holidaying. Considering the economy is recovering this means that more and more people will be willing to shell out more and more cash on their vacations. The time couldn’t be riper for hotels and travel companies to hire travel PR agencies to [...]

Travel Dreaming: World Cruises; Galapagos Islands top Virtuoso’s Annual Travel Survey

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Far-flung locations are tops on travelers’ “bucket lists,” states the fourth annual Travel Dreams Sweepstakes Survey, released last week by leading travel network Virtuoso(R). “This year’s survey results reflect a shift in consumers’ motivation to travel,” says Elaine Srnka, editorial director for VIRTUOSO LIFE, the travel network’s in-house magazine. “Travelers want to see the world. [...]

diy project: halligan’s american travel map

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Summer time really gets my travel bug a-jumpin! I am guilty myself, but so many of us long to travel abroad yet don’t take advantage of our very own American continent! This July, my husband Adam and I are hitting the road for a sweet heart’s road trip to explore some of the USA’s beautiful [...]

Frontiers International Travel Offers Enticing Discounts

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Frontiers International Travel has simplified the complex process of ‘get-away hunting’ for those who constantly travel in the search of adventure to predefined exotic places. Established in 1969, this veteran company exactly understands the whims of its guests and specializes in offering pristine locales for fly fishing and unforgettable shooting experiences. During this time of [...]

Travel by Color

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A young company “driven by their passion for travel and software,” Explorra is a travel site that offers a range of travel inspiration tools, social features, a full service API for developers, and a Travel by Color tool. Pick your favorite color, or take your chances with a random selection, and if you need more color [...]

Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Men’s Luggage for Private Jet Travel

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Aircraft: During the golden age of travel aristocrats, sporting gentlemen and military officers would have their custom-made luggage emblazoned with their monogram, emblem, racing or regimental colors to distinguish their cases and help the army … Source: JustLuxe: LifeStyle News