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Celebrate this Holiday Season with Gucci’s Unisex 3D Glasses!!!

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While Munk Bogballe’s offering of bespoke laptops was in sync with the fact that rich nerds knows how to get a true value for their money, Gucci’s upcoming offering proves to be an  extended statement for rich FASHIONABLE nerds. Realizing the hidden potential of the geeks market, Gucci’s latest unveiling of 3-D glasses is to [...]

ITLM and ttgluxury Will Participate in This Year’s World Travel Market Event

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If industry expects and nations can meet over to discuss economy downturns and global warming issues, luxury kings were also driven to a point tobelieve that even luxe lifestyle needs that kind of brainstorming. Just like we have WTO, World Travel Market brings forth issues and discussions pertaining to luxury travel in UK. The prestigious [...]

What’s Crafty on Etsy This Week: Shades of Blue

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Did you know that blue has proven to be one of the most calming colors for use in the home? Its presence causes humans to experience tranquil emotions. Studies also show that people are more productive in blue rooms, and that blue is a good color to wear on a job interview because it symbolizes [...]

Trigger a New Playful Eros with This Chess Set!

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There is nothing like getting checkmated on the bed by your partner and to augment this fantasy Aruliden has brought a sex toy that will stimulate all the creative juices in your body along with your chess prowess. The pawns in this chess set can masquerade as rich and elegant vibrators, some are in the [...]

Pledge To Help A Man Create This Steampunk Halloween Decoration

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Halloween is a fun time of the year, you get to see what over the top decorations people will come up with.  If you always wished that you could be a part of such creations, then you now have a chance.  One man creates these huge Halloween displays and asks for pledges to do his [...]

What’s Crafty on Etsy This Week: Precious Jewels

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Last week, we gave you some ideas about how to spice up even the simplest of outfits with our favorite picks from Etsy’s handbag sellers. Of course, any woman knows that a handbag is not her only choice when it comes to accenting an outfit — there’s also shoes, hairpieces, and of course, one of [...]

What’s Crafty on Etsy This Week: Colorful Handbags

September 20, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

On the whole, Etsy is a kind of gloriously overwhelming experience. Every time I go look at it to get this column started, I find myself wanting to buy a dozen things before I even surf past the first page. It really is a website you need a guide to. This week, we thought we’d [...]

Would you Shell Out $12 Million for This Wedding Gown?

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Marriages are, they say, made in heaven. To me though, marriages seem to be made on socialist or communist conveyor belts that hide behind capitalist motives. Thus, you have the worst of everything that culminates into a money making, sense and emotion numbing machinery that at the end of the day those who get married [...]

Are You 100% Korean This September – Part II

September 18, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

As promised, here is the second installment on the Korean Activities this September at 100% Design London. Just a reminder that their stand is located at L70 and you can visit them anytime between 23rd and 26th September 2010. What really fascinates me is the diverse collection they are showcasing, In Part I we saw [...]

Gold leaf-dressed Moet Chandon Golden Jeroboam champagne for this Christmas

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Christmas is still a long way off, but it’s the right time to get in the holiday mood. I know you guys are all set with your POAs for the holidays, but whatever the plan, champagne’s going to be a sure companion. This Christmas though, it won’t be the ordinary champagne but the exclusive limited [...]

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