Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ray Ban manufacturers finally see a positive trend in their sales

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Apparently even the sunglass manufacturers such as the Luxottica Group, which owns the Ray Ban and Oakley brands faced a set back after the economic meltdown. But the company is now seeing a positive trend in its sales and hopes to reach a 27 percent increase in its income with a boost in its current [...]

Le Vian Jewelers Release Their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast

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To anticipate the trend is very important for the fashion industry. You will be considered a guru if you can predict trends before they happen. Le Vian Jewelers who became famous for their chocolate diamonds and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry are sharing predictions for the next year in their [...]

Burlington Coat Factory Pays $10 Million to Fendi 24 Years After Selling Their Knockoffs

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The biggest competition or threat for luxury brands is not another luxury brand but the knockoffs, counterfeits or fakes. The knockoffs have become an organized global business with powerful players having sound financial backing and a strong and reliable distribution channel. Even conservative estimates of fake sales go in to billions of dollars. The big [...]

Leavitt Weaver Celebrate Their 33rd Anniversary With Launch of an Exclusive Collection

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The milestones in businesses are normally celebrated in intervals of five or ten years but Craig Leavitt, Stephen Weaver, and Len Revelli, the co-owners of the design firm Leavitt Weaver are celebrating their 33rd anniversary with the launch of most exclusive furniture collection to date. The collection on offer is all limited edition pieces. In [...]

Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton launch their multi-brand website

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Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton or WWRD launched their multi-brand website featuring a sophisticated e-commerce platform for the use of its global customer base. Pierre de Villemejane, Chief Executive Officer of WWRD said: “As consumer shopping behavior continues to evolve, our new online presence addresses the growing demand for an engaging way to browse, research and [...]

A Few Pointers For Luxury Brands To Ensure Their Resurgence

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World over, economic analysts are telling us about the emergence of the world economy from the ashes. This growth is supposed to move on slowly for the coming years, unless there is some sudden spurt or sudden fall. Similar trend has been seen in the field of luxury brands as well. To make sure that [...]

Auberge du Soleil and Swanson Vineyards To Celebrate Their 25th Birthday Together

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Auberge du Soleil and Swanson Vineyards hold the distinction of being one of the best vineyards of the Napa Valley. And these two great vineyards will turn twenty five and the anniversary party will be held together in October. Needless to say, it will be an ‘intoxicating’ fair. Founders and proprietors of Swanson Vineyards and [...]

Billionaires Demand Military-Grade Security on Their Superyachts

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In an effort to boost the flagging superyacht market, manufacturers are fitting them out with increasingly complex, military-grade security systems aimed at assuaging the fears of paranoid billionaires. Bloomberg News reports from the Monaco Yacht Show that security systems similar to the ones on Roman Abramovich’s enormous Eclipse are now standard issue for high-end craft. [...]

Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks Get Their Rings

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A new hockey season is beginning and last season’s Stanley Cup champs, the Chicago Blackhawks recently received their rings. The team hadn’t won Lord Stanley’s cup since 1961 and they celebrated in style with 14K white gold rings laden with 404 stones, a total of approximately eight carats of diamonds and other gemstones worth around [...]

Aqua Restaurants In Hong Kong Celebrate their 10th Anniversary with 10 Chef Special Dishes

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Hong Kong diners are up for a treat with Aqua Restaurant group celebrating its 10th birthday through an offering of a sumptuous 10 course menu designed by 10 chefs. The restaurant group is known for its stunning dining and socializing experiences in London, Beijing and Hong Kong. Each of their birthday dishes spells out six [...]