Monday, November 15, 2010

The Technical Risk of Employing a New Processor Technology Can Often Deter a Design Group

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Shrinking product development cycles coupled with demanding product requirements and increasingly complex design implementations can overwhelm a design team. The technical risk of employing new, complex, high-speed processor technology can often deter a design group from incorporating new technology in their product designs.Intel Corporation’s ATOM processor and low power chipset solution is a technology choice [...]

Super Talent Technology Brings Out A Gold Plated USB Flash Drive, Pico-C

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Super Talent Technology keeps coming out with some great USB Devices. One of my favourite has been their key-shaped ones. This time around they have given the Midas Touch to a very cool USB. Called Pico-C, this device has been covered in 24 carat gold. But that is not the only thing that makes this [...]

Displax Multi Touch Technology Converts Simple TV to Touch Screen

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Displax demonstrated, earlier in the year, that it was possible with a polymer film to turn any conventional LCD, plasma or RPTV and turn it into a touch screen. The concept and the feel was interesting so the obvious result is that the new technology will find usage in different models of screens in the [...]

Intercontinental Hotel Group Pioneers the MobileKey Technology

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Intercontinental Hotels Group, the global chain of hotels, has been long known for delivering luxe services to its elite guests. It has now pioneered a new technology with respect to lock-and-key of the hotel rooms. It has introduced a mobile based front desk bypass solution that allows the guests to skip the reception desk and [...]

Infiniti Yachts Brings New Designs with Unique DSS Technology to Monaco Show

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The Monaco Yacht Show from September 22 to 25, 2010 will have a new offering from Infiniti Yachts. They are developing a new brand of custom sailing yachts which will target the super yacht market of 24m/82 feet upwards. In terms of design, styling and engineering they are pitching themselves against the best in the [...]

Finally a Digital Wallet in the Form of Dunhill’s Biometric Wallet with Anti-theft Technology

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Dunhill, the upscale British based company specializing in men’s luxury goods comprising of writing implements, lighters, timepieces, fragrances and clothing has come up with an exclusive biometric wallet. It is sleek; it is stylish and has a classy appeal to it. Made from Dunhill’s exclusive, patented carbon fiber effect leather this wallet is water and [...]

Digital Storm’s New 3D Technology Promises to Make Gaming Real

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Video game is so much fun because it makes you feel you are actually doing those stuff. That is why the designers and manufacturers are always trying out newer and better technology to enhance the gaming experience and bring it as close as possible to the real thing. The 3D technology ,of course, gives you [...]

Have A Nice & Comfortable Top Down Ride In A Mercedes With The All New Aircap Technology

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Anyone who owns a Mercedes Benz convertible would affirm to the fact that, the most joyous of all rides is while cruising in the car in the countryside with the top down and taking the very beauty of mother nature. However, nearly everyone has come to a point where this comfortable ride seems to become [...]

Technology to Make Your Mancave the Best

July 13, 2010 by admin · 2 Comments 

Every man knows there is no place like home. Especially if home has 6 mounted TV’s for Football Sunday’s, and a naked lady vacuuming your room. We all know that technology is key if you want the most bad a$$ home around, and with the holiday season coming up, all the cool gadget are coming [...]

Multitouch technology finds it’s way into your desk

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Multitouch is fast being incorporated into anything imaginable. This hi-tech sounding innovation could also find it’s way into your living rooms. Yes, a multitouch table has come up in the markets, and is known as Table Baroque. This unique furniture is the creation of the company MTS-DOC, which is manufacturing it in several combinations of [...]