Saturday, November 13, 2010

Swiss House Chien Luxe Unveils Luxury Pillows for Dogs

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The dogs always seem to have it all easy. They can bark at people without being beaten back, they can bite people and be treated medically, and also be given palatial kennels just for their existence. While dog lovers would justify the treatment given to their pets, there are many in this world that seem [...]

Swiss Farmhouses Go Modern, Thanks to FOVEA

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A new architectural design by FOVEA reveals amazing farmhouses set in the picturesque Swiss countryside provides modern and luxurious features. The Crooked House has been built by the architects of FOVEA and has two floors.  The rectangled ground floor looks spacious and the upper angular floor has an inclination of 40 degrees.  The idea was [...]

Watch with 330 diamonds sold for 1.5 million Swiss Francs

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Now this is what I call bling bling! I mean just look at the watch! Yes the diamonds are real, if you have any doubts. This very sparkling diamond watch has been made by London watch makers, Backes & Strauss. And if you think that these watches are just for show, let me tell you [...]

Walig Hut Near Gstaad Palace is Nestled Between Swiss Paradise

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If you are one of those tourists who love to be at the helm of nature and like it to be as natural as possible, I present to you the Walig Hut, nestled high up in the Swiss Alps. A property of the luxurious Gstaad Palace, this hut however, contains no extra special amenities. You [...]

Swiss Made Lake Bathtub With Water Resistant Gloss Coat

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If you do not want to take any professional help, doing up your home as per your taste is not as easy as it sounds. There are lot of co-ordination to be done and sourcing the right item of the right quality in right color at the right price, it can be stressful if you [...]

Swiss Watch Brand’s Gold Rush To China

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This image is merely representative of a wave, a big tsunami-sized wave of watch brands pouring over China and other places in Asia. Recently, the Swatch Group (who owns Swatch, Omega, Breguet, Longines, Tissot, and other brands) opened up a Hotel (well reopened) with their name on it. In Shanghai, the Swatch Peace Art Hotel [...]

Swiss Skincare: Alchimie Forever

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The Swiss are known for many things – their private banks, their fantastic chocolate and cheese, and their skincare products, to name a few. La Prairie, Crabtree and Evelyn, Arbonne and Swiss Perfection are just a few of the famed brands to make the jump to the United States, but we were particularly intrigued by [...]

Angleterre & Residence Hotel, Swiss Riviera Living

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The Angleterre & Residence Hotel is a charmingly majestic complex of luxury villas-turned-hotel-rooms right on the shores of Lake Geneva in the cosmopolitan Swiss Riviera town of Lausanne. Situated right next to the world-renowned Beau-Rivage Palace, the Angleterre & Residence is a perfect fit for those who would prefer something a little more quaint and [...]