Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hublot celebrates the FIFA World Cup in style

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If you are following the FIFA World Cup, then I am sure you must have seen the Hublot mini screen being flashed whenever a player is being recalled. The Swiss luxury watch brand has collaborated with the game and now that the event is closing it’s end, the company is firing all engines to make [...]

$157,000 Icon Sheene superbike celebrates speed in Barry Sheene style

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The world’s most expensive bikes have got another contender with Icon Sheene, the ultimate road bike by motorcycle designer and builder Andrew Morris. The bike was designed as a tribute to the legendary British motorcycle racer Barry Sheene, and is produced in a limited edition of just 52, one for each year of Barry’s life. [...]

17 Strikingly Beautiful Modern Style Bedrooms

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The Golf furniture collection from Italian design house Colombini has some spectacular modern themed living room designs. After gazing at these images you can’t but feel a sense of respect for the designers behind these gorgeous bedrooms. The colors have been blended to perfection, the placement meticulous, and there is a true sense of completeness [...]

Vintage Style DC Comic Superhero Posters

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Illustrator Michael Blaine Myers Jr. has created a series of DC Superhero posters in a vintage style that are still incredibly modern.3 Vote(s)
Source: PicoCool / Popular items

German Company Jado Steel Style Has the Most Expensive Bed in the World

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German company Jado Steel Style had designed the most expensive bed in the world way back in 2008. It was presented at the Millionaire Fair in 2008. The bed comes with a 24 carat gold material, and DVD player with Bose sound system, Blu-Ray player, Playstation 3, and integrated Internet access, a retractable plasma TV [...]

Tranquil Scandinavian Style Interiors

May 28, 2010 by admin · 1 Comment 

When many think of Scandinavian style, they immediately think stark, white, modern and even unlivable. But thankfully Scandinavian style has emerged from bare beginnings to a much more livable arrangement. With white working as a color platform, many stylish homeowners have added black for a bold modern edge and hints of color that make their [...]

Get your style on with this Suunto Elementum Terra

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Suunto watches are known worldwide.

Usually they are real sporty but now they have come up with the new  Suunto Elementum Terra, a wicked looking watch that can be worn outdoors, to office, to dinners, to clubs pretty much wherever you want. All of its three models feature gorgeous urban inspired design and maintain Suunto technology [...]

Vintage Style DC Comic Posters By Michael Myers Jr.

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Just last week I introduced you to the illustrated LOST characters by artist Michael Blaine Myers, Jr. Now, I wanted to show you his beautiful posters of various DC comic book Superheroes. From Aquaman to Wonder Woman, they are rendered in a style that is simultaneously both vintage and modern. Simply beautiful, they [...]

Black and White Style: A Preview

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I found myself feeling really happy when I looked at this picture last night and then started scouring flickr for some favorite black and white (and charcoal) images to share with you in tomorrow’s “Flickr Faves on Fridays” post. Then I thought, why not share the image that inspired me in the first place as [...]

Fight Crime Gotham Knight Style With The All New Custom Built Batpod

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Remember the time when the Batman topples an entire semi-truck just with his Batpod motorcycle in the Hollywood blockbuster, the Dark Knight? Well, since then, almost every die hard cape crusader fan has been longing for such a bike, to fight crimes and ride in style. Now, finally the wait is over, as the over [...]