Monday, November 15, 2010

Most Expensive Saucepan Studded with Diamonds at Millionaire Fair

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What can you expect at a Millionaire Fair? A lot of diamonds even on kitchen ware. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, one of the highlights was a diamond-studded saucepan, which was valued at whopping 150,000 Euros (about $210,500). Its unusualness made it unique and was displayed in a thick glass case illuminated with special [...]

D&G Design Swarovski Studded Ski Mask for Limited Edition Release

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Skiing and glamour and luxury go well together. It is pleasing to the eye when some of the skiing equipment gets the glamour treatment. If you are planning a ski trip (you should if you are not) you have an opportunity to make a glam fashion statement on the slopes of Alps by donning the [...]

CrystalRoc unveils iPhone 4 studded in Swarovski crystals

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For that wealthy strata of the society who craves for bling more than anything else, CrystalRoc has launched the new Apple iPhone 4 generation covers. Made with over 1500 individual Swarovski crystals and the lightweight chrome base, this state of the art creation is going to lure the rich folks into the bling-crazed world of [...]