Friday, January 28, 2011

Watch with 330 diamonds sold for 1.5 million Swiss Francs

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Now this is what I call bling bling! I mean just look at the watch! Yes the diamonds are real, if you have any doubts. This very sparkling diamond watch has been made by London watch makers, Backes & Strauss. And if you think that these watches are just for show, let me tell you [...]

Astor Courts To Be Sold At Auction

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Over the summer the Astor Courts estate in Rhinebeck, New York was in the news for hosting Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, now it is up for auction. The home has been up for sale for a while, it was our estate of the day back in September 2009 and was listed for $12 million. Tranzon Asset [...]

Marilyn Monroe Died Here: Mark it Sold!

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The house that Marilyn Monroe died in sold for above asking price, raising the perennial question that surfaces every time someone successfully markets a house based on the fact that a celebrity once owned it: Does celebrity ownership add sufficient cache to make buyers reach for their checkbooks? The short answer: No. But it’s a [...]

Elite Estate: Skyhome 3460 at 101 Warren Street Finally Sold Off for $13,237,250

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After being on the shelves for as much as four years, Tribeca’s 101 Warren Street condo was finally sold for $13,237,250 became the most successful condominium offering in the history of downtown Manhattan.  Spread over a sprawling area of 4.518 square foot, the duplex property is seated in a glass box on top of 01 [...]

The 46664 Bangle of Morgan Freeman Sold for 1 Million Rand

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Actor Morgan Freeman was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the movie” Invictus”. The custom made “46664” bangle worn by the actor during the Academy Awards was highlighted by the media. During the World Cup this year in South Africa the bangle in question was sold for one million South [...]

The Obamas “Winter White House” Sold

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Although the President has been spending time on Martha’s Vineyard recently he prefers another island in the winter. While Barack Obama loves his Hawaiian vacations, he might need a new place to stay this winter. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the home on Kailua Beach where the Obama family stayed in December 2008 and 2009 [...]

Bell Ranch Finally Sold After Years On The Market

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Some big properties take a long time to sell but finally after years on the market the Bell Ranch in northeastern New Mexico has finally sold. Bates Sanders Swan represented the seller and RMA Brokers represented the sellers. The sale and purchase of the Bell Ranch was closed on August 17, 2010. The Bates Sanders [...]

Priceless Shackleton’s Whisky Uncrated. Will Not Be Sold.

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A crate of Scotch whisky that was trapped in Antarctic ice for a century was finally opened August 13. It is perhaps the most sought after dram in the world right now. But, according to officials of Whyte and Mackay, would-be bidders and tasters will be left wanting and dry-mouthed. Only the master blenders [and [...]

Elite Estate: One Hyde Park Penthouse in London Sold for $222 Million

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Unless it is for a distress sale, the soaring property prices in pivotal cities makes you question if the global meltdown still exists. The sale of One Hyde Park Penthouse in London for a whooping £140 million could be indicative of the fact the property market is springing up back to life. The opulent residential [...]

ClockTower Penthouse Still Not Sold, Could Become Rental

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We’ve been hearing delicious rumors about the the triplex penthouse in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn for a while. Earlier this year the NY Post reported that both Ralph Lauren and Jay-Z had been spotted checking out this unusual space which is listed for $25 million. Now there may be a new deal in the [...]