Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wifi Detector shirt

Wifi Detector shirt

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As the name suggests the Wi-Fi shirt which are detector, detects the wi-fi signals and they also allow to data sharing. On the front of the shirt the glowing bars, which glow to let you know about the strength of the signals. By a trio of AAA batteries it has been powered. With sharing data [...]

Be a Designer, Shirt up Yourself, Courtesy Blank Label ipad App!

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Show your creative side by designing your own shirts, with the blank label ipad app. Next time you are in your favorite store finding that ohh so special and absolutely perfect shirt, don’t loose hope if they don’t hang those classy, elegant and perfect colors that go with your persona or mood. This is because [...]

A polo shirt made of porcelain shards!

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A polo shirt made of broken china? When I first heard about it, I was like, is this for real? But it is real my friend. This is a new feat in the world of apparel design, where everyone is in a race to make the most unique clothing with the most unique material. Last [...]

LOST Oceanic Airlines Shirt

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LOST Oceanic Airlines Shirt LOST fever is heating up heading to the series finale this weekend. Sure it’s too late to buy this sweet Oceanic Airlines emergency card shirt in time to wear it for the finale but you can rock it all next week. Heck, keep wearing it until the island tells you not [...]