Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paul Fraser Collectibles Sells Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis Kit

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Flying has always been man’s dream, and it was finally achieved when the Wright brothers tested their first plane. Now, it has not been an easy journey, and there have been many unfortunate incidents among the initial pioneers of flying. Charles Lindbergh during his historic solo flight across the Atlantic received so much of attention [...]

Dalmore Trinitas Whiskey Sells for 100,000 Pounds

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We have spoken about bottles of champagne and cognac that cost several thousands of dollars. However, whiskeys are somehow not seen as luxury drinks though there are several bottles which are vintage, and cost a lot of money. This time around, the Dalmore Trinitas sold for a record price of 100,000 Pounds, which is almost [...]

Charlotte’s Web Art Sells Way Above Estimate

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Proving that sentiment sells, the original 1952 cover art for the best-selling children’s book, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, brought an incredible sum at tonight’s sale by Heritage Auctions in New York City. The cover art drawn by legendary children’s illustrator Garth Williams sold for $155,350 more than five times the pre-sale estimate and a [...]

The Dalmore Trinitas Sells for Record £100,000

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Ten thousand seemed like an awful lot for a bottle of whisky back last December, when we tasted The Dalmore’s 58-year old Sirius malt. But the truth of the matter is that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for one of Scotland’s most exclusive distilleries. As our own Jonathon Ramsey pointed out in sampling [...]

John Paul DeJoria Sells Ethical Diamonds Online

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John Paul DeJoria certainly can sell anything. The man has sold to us shampoos and tequila, and now he is going to sell us diamonds. Considering the kind of success he has had in the past, I would be surprised if this venture if his also does very well. If you don’t know what I [...]

Leona Helmsley’s Dunnellen Hall Sells For $35 Million

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In August we learned that Leona Helmsley’s former home, Dunnellen Hall in Greenwich, Connecticut might finally be sold. Now the Greenwich Time gives us a sold price and it’s even lower than had been anticipated. This home hit the market in 2008 for $125 million. Price cut after price cut followed until it hit $60 [...]

1959 Ferrari GT Sells on Ebay for $3.26 Million

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A gorgeous, mint condition 1959 Ferrari GT sold on for $3.26 million. The car, with 52,000 miles on its odometer, was listed from an owner in Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold after 86 bids. The car’s official designation is a Ferrari California Spyder 250 GT CS. It has a 12 cylinder engine, manual transmission and [...]

World’s Most Expensive Penthouse Sells for $308 Million in Monaco

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Barely a month after we reported that a London penthouse had sold for $220 million, making it the world’s most expensive private residence, the record has been shattered with the $308 million sale of a palatial penthouse in Monaco (above). The Monaco property, called La Belle Epoque, has quite a history; formerly the home of [...]

Dean Gardens Sells After 16 Years and 80% Discount

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It must be some kind of a record. After all how long does it take to sell a property? If you are Larry Dean you will say 16 years. Yes that is how long it has taken him to sell his mega mansion which is popularly known as Dean Gardens. Even the drop in the [...]

Ham Sells For $1.6 Million At Kentucky Breakfast

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When is a ham worth $1.6 million? The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that a 16-pound country ham sold for $100,000 a pound at the 47th annual Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast. Bernard Trager, chairman of Republic Bank and Trust, and Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates, owner of Dr. Bizer’s Vision World each contributed $800,000 for [...]