Monday, November 15, 2010

D&G Design Swarovski Studded Ski Mask for Limited Edition Release

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Skiing and glamour and luxury go well together. It is pleasing to the eye when some of the skiing equipment gets the glamour treatment. If you are planning a ski trip (you should if you are not) you have an opportunity to make a glam fashion statement on the slopes of Alps by donning the [...]

Johnny Rotten to Release a Luxury Coffee Table Book

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The music performers are using the available base of their fans to experiment profitably with other medium. If there is a possibility of commerce some of them are always willing to cash in. Johnny Lydon better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols is the latest rock star to create a luxury coffee table [...]

Le Vian Jewelers Release Their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast

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To anticipate the trend is very important for the fashion industry. You will be considered a guru if you can predict trends before they happen. Le Vian Jewelers who became famous for their chocolate diamonds and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry are sharing predictions for the next year in their [...]

Christian Lacroix Creates Chivas Regal 18 Years for November Release

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Christian Lacroix has a record of a successful association with Chivas. They have together created new editions earlier which was well received by the market. They are teaming up again for a special edition Chivas Regal 18 Year Old release. This project is the follow up on the launch of Chivas 12 Year old Magnum [...]

Doubters Question the Scheduled Release of DiMoras $2 Million Car

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DiMora Motorcar, based in Palm Springs, California has been working on a wonder car for the last three and a half years. Though a lot of people are of the opinion that the car will never be made but it is scheduled for a 2012 release and if it does it will be the most [...]

Charming Vinylmation Steampunk Pocket Watch for December Release

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The Mechanical Kingdom, the Steampunk inspired pin collection had received much praise and appreciation. The success of the pin collection has inspired and encouraged the Disney Design Group artist Mike Sullivan to create a limited edition Vinylmation Steampunk set. This new set of Disney merchandise will consist of six figures and is scheduled for an [...]

Terlato Wines release a new line of wines named after the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus

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Terlato Wines have released a new line of wines named after the golf- legend Jack Nicklaus. The Nicklaus branded wines include the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2007 Private Reserve, which is similar to the Bordeaux blend. These wines will make their debut the Memorial Tournament hosted by the one and only Jack Nicklaus. The event [...]

Panasonic to release a new point-and-shoot camera Lumix DMC-FX75

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There was a buzz about this camera a while back, and now we have more concrete info about the latest point-and-shoot camera by Panasonic. Called Lumix DMC-FX75, the camera, especially the lens, sure looks pretty neat, although the design doesn’t seem all too new. Now a bit of the technical mumbo jumbo. The F/2.2 translates [...]