Tuesday, September 13, 2011

H2ome Yacht Has A Sleek Profile, Modern Interiors & a $20 Million Asking Price.

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The H2ome Yachting Villa is a 44 meter long luxurious yacht with a large open back three level deck. It’s designed and furnished with stylish modern interior accomodations for guests and crew, a state of the art kitchen, stunning bathrooms, a living room and dining room divided by a ‘plant wall’ and teak flooring throughout. [...]

Artist Profile: Aske

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Russian graphic designer & graffiti writer Aske wants to keep a low profile like most street artists, but lately his work has been making the rounds on design channels, and with obvious good reason. Even a new site showcasing his brilliantly colored, irreverent and witty typography pieces and other design projects has appeared. Aske’s work [...]

Artist Profile: Emily Clayton

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Artist Profile: Joey Potts

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Most of the info on the internet about Chicago-based Joey Potts is a little dated, but his color schemes are definitely not. The mix of bizarrely detailed characters and retina-scorching color palettes is what makes his work a standout for me. It really runs the gamut too: painting and installation work, custom painted toys and sneakers, [...]