Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Foliage Color Palettes

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A selection of fall color photos recently added to flickr. Lacey Bediz ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “bestcr”; ch_backfill = 1; ch_color_site_link = “#CC0000″; ch_color_title = “#CC0000″; ch_color_border = “#FFFFFF”; ch_color_text = “#333333″; ch_color_bg = “#FFFFFF”;

Luxist Giveaway: Two Bobbi Brown ‘Beauty Rules’ Books and Makeup Palettes

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It’s not every day we get to do a Bobbi Brown giveaway! The fabulous makeup artist whose natural-looking products we love has given us two of her brand new Beauty Rules books and corresponding makeup palettes (above) to give to you. You may remember Teenage Beauty, which Bobbi Brown released ten years ago and which [...]

2 & 3 Color Palettes Inspired by Letterheads

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Historically interesting and well designed letterheads collected on Leterheady make up today’s color inspiration. Leterheady was started by Shaun Usher, and is an ”online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, at Letterheady they don’t care about the letter’s content. Just its design.” Walt Disney Tonight Show with Johnny Carson ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; [...]

Artist-Inspired Palettes With Etsy

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Margot Harrington, a.k.a. CheekyMonkey82, is a freelance graphic designer, the editor of COLOURlovers’ Print Channel, an art junkie, and all-around collaborator captivated by all forms of making and doing. She documents art and design on the Internet at Pitch Design Union and Mint Design Blog. Photo by chrispiascik and COLOURlovers Of all the glorious sundries available on Etsy, interestingly enough, [...]