Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion’s Night Out 2010

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Our preview guide to the most fabulous, fun and delicious events of Fashion’s Night Out Following last year’s successful debut of the party of all fashion parties, Vogue’s back again with Fashion’s Night Out, the magazine’s banner event drawing out masses in NYC and beyond. While stores in cities around the world will open their [...]

Need A Light To Write At Night?

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As I hit my head to the pillow at night, a thousand things rummage through my head; my next proposal, next-day schedule, unfinished business and most of the times end up getting outta bed to write some notes for the next day. How sweet it would be if I had a notepad and the Write? [...]

Night Stalker Surfboard has Headlights

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Legendary surfing god Bill Stewart has created this headlight and LED light enabled surfboard called Night Stalker (perhaps named after the classic ’70′s TV series that was the inspiration for the X-Files-Kolchak – The Night Stalker?) which is being hailed as the first surfboard ever created for surfing at night. A pair of rechargeable batteries [...]

Twilight Umbrella to offer a starry night even when it rains

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Think that there is nothing more romantic than walking under the stars at night? Well, what happens when you have carefully planned a date, only for the weather to foil your romantic postlude which is a walk down the beach after a lovely dinner? Fret not, the Twilight Umbrella is here to help, as it [...]

Tag Heur Eyewear launches the Squadra Night Vision optics

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Tag Heur Eyewear line has a new entrant called the Squadra Night Vision optics. Though the description of this new range includes a lot of mumbo jumbo like “ophthalmic mask” and “universal nocturnal myopia”, all you need to know is that these glasses have been made in a way so as to increase the contrast [...]

Four Seasons Hotel Implores You to Spend £23,000 per Night!

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Four Seasons Hotel has carved a niche for itself in the New York City, as the eminent hotel’s suit on the 52nd floor has been touted as the most expensive accommodation in the entire New York city! Breathtaking views, uninterrupted service, luxurious couches and the delectable delicacies will be at your disposal if your shell [...]

Day to Night Baby Log from Skip Hop

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For some parents, they just have to log all the things the baby does in a baby book. I think we did that for our firstborn, but after the second, it sort of gets forgotten about. However, the Day to Night Baby Log is a baby book like no other. Not only is it set [...]

A bed that keeps you cool at night and saves electricity too!

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Those hot sweltering nights in the summer make you twist and turn. The relief that you get from the air conditioning evaporates into the hot air when you see the electricity bill. But all that is about to change with the latest innovation called the Evening Breeze. One could call it a bed with and [...]