Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Architectural Rings From Philippe Tournaire – Archipolis, Paris, Moscow, New York & More.

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above: Philippe Tournaire’s New York Ring in white gold with an aquamarine representing the Chrysler building One of my favorite posts of all time was the one in which I featured the amazing Villa de Reve Collection (dreamhouse rings) by jeweller Philippe Tournaire. The miniature custom hand crafted replicas of personal residences, mansions and villas [...]

Four Poster Swinging Table Makes Dining Experience More Exciting

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How to make a dining experience exciting? Of course, the first thing is the food you serve. You can generate some excitement by having an innovative and unusual menu. Cooking has to be good so that the flavor lingers on after the meal. The presentation of the dish also plays a role in enhancing the [...]

Ergo Crosswalk by Jae Min Lim Envisages More Safety for Pedestrians

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The Seoul International Design Competition 2010 has an interesting and unusual short listed entry. It stood out amongst the more conservative entries. It is the ‘Ergo Crosswalk’ by Korean designer Jae Min Lim. Jae has tweaked the traditional shapes of Zebra crossing into curves to reflect the way people jaywalk on roads. And he has [...]

No More Smokin Globes

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This project is all about quitting smoking. I suppose it doesn’t just have to be tobacco, but that’s the most dangerous LEGAL drug in smoke form out there, so that’s what we’ll focus on. When there is smoke in a room, this Glow Globe lights up. When the smoke is gone, you click the reset [...]

More Luxury Bike Helmets From Ruby Atelier, Now With Matching Scarves.

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Clockwise from upper left; Karl Lagerfeld scarf, Sponge Bob Scarf, Eley Kishimoto scarf and Honet scarf. I’ve written about the stunning designs of Les Atelier Ruby motorcycle helmets before, but now these few and new special editions have a fashionable accessory as well. The special edition luxury motorcycle helmets for Ruby Atelier by Karl Lagerfeld, [...]

Cooking Outdoors A Little More Bearable

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I really dislike camping. The need to commune with nature isn’t enough of a reason to rough it. I can enjoy the view just the same from a cabin thank you very much. If you nag me about it, I’ll say it’s the cooking. Camp food sucks but the Kuzmit social cooker might pry me [...]

Indian Billionaires Acquiring More And More Private Jets

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There has been a steady rise in the number of Indian millionaires and billionaires in the past few years. They now want a piece of the high life and what better way to buy private jets. Infact 157 private planes are going to be delivered to these ultra rich Indians in the next 12 months. [...]

Nine Ferraris & More Shatter Million-Dollar Mark at RM’s Monterey Sale

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An exceptional 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Berlinetta (above), the fifth of only seven examples ever built, sold for an astounding $4.6 million at RM’s Sports & Classics of Monterey sale on Saturday night, leading an impressive group of 14 individual sales (including eight other Ferraris) which shattered the magic million dollar mark. TV personality and [...]

Cookie Crumbles No More!

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The TAÇA Mug is for those who savor dipped cookies in milk. Till now you probably downsized the jumbo coz the rim of the mug wasn’t big enough. This design adds an ingenious touch to a mug with a rim shaped in such a way that you can dunk in the whole cookie, sideways. Now [...]

One More Day To Buy Kimora Lee Simmons’ Old Stuff

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Want to get your paws on some of Kimora Lee Simmons cast-offs? You’ve got one more day to visit the former home of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons in Saddle River, New Jersey to buy their belongings. The pair has moved on with new partners and new homes but their prodigious collection of clothing, furniture [...]