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Historic Superyacht Delphine Now on James – $20 Million Off!

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Tweet The SS Delphine, one of the last great private steamships of the 1920s, built for motorcar magnate Horace Dodge, has just been listed for sale on JamesList for $53 million – about a $20 million discount from when it was last on the market at the beginning of the year. When the 257-ft. yacht [...]

James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Fetches $4.6 Million at Auction

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It’s been months since RM Auctions announced it had received this very special historic automobile on consignment. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was used in not one, but two James Bond movies: Goldfinger and Thunderball. Packing all the special features installed for 007′s covert operations, the Aston has been dubbed the most famous car in [...]

$50 Million Warhol Stars in Christie’s Contemporary Art Sale

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A rare early Andy Warhol painting expected to fetch up to $50 million, the first picture by Warhol ever to be shown in a museum, headlines Christie’s incredible Contemporary Art sale in New York on Nov. 10. The artist’s Big Campbell’s Soup Can with Can Opener (Vegetable), dated 1962 (above), is one of several multimillion-dollar [...]

The Classicist: London’s Famed Savoy Hotel Back After $350 Million Revamp

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London’s renowned Savoy hotel has just reopened following a massive $350 million revamp encompassing one of the most ambitious restorations in British history. The world famous landmark, built by impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte with profits from his Gilbert and Sullivan operas, originally opened in August 1889. Originally managed by Swiss hotelier César Ritz and Maitre [...]

Brazillian Super Model Adriana Lima Will Don Victoria’s Secret $2 Million Worth Fantasy Bra

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In case you thought jewelry was the only elite way to don precious jewels and metals, I believe you haven’t had a closer look at what Adriana Lima is sporting here- Victoria Secret’s Annual Jeweled bra. The haute brassiere is decked with a total of 142 carats in stones with 60 carats of white diamonds [...]

H2ome Yacht Has A Sleek Profile, Modern Interiors & a $20 Million Asking Price.

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The H2ome Yachting Villa is a 44 meter long luxurious yacht with a large open back three level deck. It’s designed and furnished with stylish modern interior accomodations for guests and crew, a state of the art kitchen, stunning bathrooms, a living room and dining room divided by a ‘plant wall’ and teak flooring throughout. [...]

Burlington Coat Factory Pays $10 Million to Fendi 24 Years After Selling Their Knockoffs

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The biggest competition or threat for luxury brands is not another luxury brand but the knockoffs, counterfeits or fakes. The knockoffs have become an organized global business with powerful players having sound financial backing and a strong and reliable distribution channel. Even conservative estimates of fake sales go in to billions of dollars. The big [...]

€1,5 million of F1 history on James: Schumacher’s first world championship winning car

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Tweet In May, Michael Schumacher’s privately owned puke-yellow Bugatti EB 110 turned up on James and while it probably would be like driving the automotive equivalent of a never-ending epileptic fit, this week’s pick might actually be even less driveable – albeit a lot more interesting.  This Benetton (yeah, the same people as the clothing [...]

$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board

October 17, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

No this is not a peel off Monopoly game from your local McDonalds’s with a $2 million prize, this is the world’s most expensive Monopoly board. According to the Wall St. Journal, the board is made of solid 18k gold and all the famed properties on the board are gem-set for a total of 165 [...]

Where to find $320 million worth of farm

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Tweet Whenever we cover real estate that has shown up on James, it’s usually some spectacular architectual exercise or a building with heavy historical connotations, like the Upper Eastside Manhattan townhouse that Eleanor Roosevelt spent her days as a widow in. For now, we’re settling with something far more discreet, if you will. This property [...]

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