Sunday, August 29, 2010

CrystalRoc Makes Custom Swarovski Xilion Rose Enhanced Cases for iPad

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document.write(” ); After iPhone, it was Apple’s iPad that was basking in the glory of hype. Design Folks used it as an opportunity to toss out a plethora of accessories and grab in a share of its fame. The Swarovski Xilion Rose from CrystalRoc is an excessively glittery iPad Case that might even overshadow the [...]

‘Twilight’ Author Makes $40 Million Without Writing a Single Book

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document.write(” ); Despite not having written a single book in the past year, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer raked in an eye-popping $40 million from her sexy vampire tales, Forbes reports. Meyer landed the second place spot on the magazine’s new ranking of the world’s highest paid authors, easily eclipsing Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. About [...]

Designer Alp Sagnak Makes A Bracelet Made Of Bones!

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document.write(” ); I never thought that I would see jewellery made of bones in this day and age. I mean they were all the rage in the prehistoric period when our ancestors hadn’t really figured out how to work with the metals that are all the rage now. But designer Alp Sagnak wishes to go [...]

This Eco-friendly Bicycle Makes You Dig Deeper into Your Pockets

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document.write(” ); Calling BlackTrail BT-01 a bicycle would be an understatement, if anything, it should be called a super bicycle! This electric bicycle, unlike most of the bicycles of its league, has the potential of running at extraordinary speed of 100km/hr and its sturdy structure can handle any body weight while climbing up a steep [...]

Jet Powered School Bus Makes Otto Go Blotto

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document.write(” ); Never be late to school again when you’re getting a ride in a jet powered school bus. This school cool bus can hit up to 367 mph and shoot out an 80 foot long flame plume thanks to it’s 42,000 horsepower jet engine (taken from a fighter jet!). Fuel efficient, this vehicle is [...]

Sparkling ‘Sex and the City’ Bra Straps Makes You Shine

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document.write(” ); Film making is a risky business at the best of times. Even when you put in your best efforts you are never sure about the returns on the investment. Some of the simplest movies have become big grosser and some of the biggest movies have failed at the box office. So what do [...]

Study: Surfing The Internet Makes you Smarter

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document.write(” ); “Our most striking finding was that Internet searching appears to engage a greater extent of neural circuitry that is not activated during reading — but only in those with prior Internet experience,” said UCLA professor Gary Small. You hear that guys? So clicking around EgoTV or, say, searching for porn, may be better [...]

Black Badger makes luxury coasters from titanium and carbon fiber

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document.write(” ); Carbon fiber creations seem to be getting all the attention these days. We have seen carbon fiber being used to make toilet seats, but I never thought someone would think of the same for the coasters. The luxury edition coasters from Black Badger Advanced Composites are precision CNC-milled and are made of solid [...]

Hitachi LifeStudio drives makes it easier to archive digital memories

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document.write(” ); While digital cameras in this day and age are extremely affordable (if you’re talking about a decent entry-level model) and have no recurring costs like purchasing and developing film, it comes at a price – you will need to have a proper backup system of all your photos if you were to dive [...]

Giro Helmets makes a customized helmet exclusively for Lance Armstrong

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document.write(” ); Lance Armstrong is like the God of cycling. The man battled with cancer, beat that and then came to the races of all races, Tour De France, and won it seven consecutive times! Then he took a four year long hiatus but came back last year in 2009 to earn a respectable third [...]