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MORPHotel: A floating shape-changing luxury hotel

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Conceptualized by Gianluca Santosuosso, the MORPHotel is a unique project that intends to develop a new luxury hotel concept where the user can live inside a floating system that keeps moving around the world. The MORPHotel is able to adapt its shape to the weather conditions and the site morphology, thanks to the linear structure [...]

Munk Bogballe unveils Classic Bespoke luxury laptop collection

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It’s been more than two years after Munk Bogballe turned a MacBook into a luxury workstation. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, Munk Bogballe introduced its new luxury laptop line dubbed the Classic Bespoke collection. Pricing starts at €5,200 ($7,225) and for the same, you get lavish features like aluminum body, leather accents, [...]

$7,000 Classic Bespoke luxury laptop line from Munk Bogballe for Rich Nerds…Whistles!!!!

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The historical roots of “Bespoke” initiative came from tailored clothing and shirts, which slowly ventured into hospitality and now ruling the minds of the nerd. What would a rich nerd possess or demand? Inking deals with gadgets/accessories of his taste, his choice of color, his selection of dimensions…..something that describes his personality. It is here [...]

Swiss House Chien Luxe Unveils Luxury Pillows for Dogs

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The dogs always seem to have it all easy. They can bark at people without being beaten back, they can bite people and be treated medically, and also be given palatial kennels just for their existence. While dog lovers would justify the treatment given to their pets, there are many in this world that seem [...]

Coach is the Dominant Player on the Web in the Luxury Segment

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Luxury labels are not very comfortable in the web world. The recessionary pressures of the recent past have put pressure on them to find alternative channels to retain and grow their sales. No one doubts the fact that the web is the fastest growing channel for retail. There have been several studies and surveys done [...]

WIT Ideas Lab discusses the emerging image of luxury

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What is the new image of luxury? Well, at WIT Ideas Lab, Paul Kerr, CEO of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Brian Yim, the  Editor of Millionaire Asia, Andrew Dixon, the Owner of Nikoi Island & Bawah Island, Indonesia and Kevin May, the Editor of TNooz together discussed this with Siew Hoon. The first [...]

Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club And The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Forge New Luxury Alliance

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It has been announced today, October 25th, that two of the leading, equity based, luxury destination clubs, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club and Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club, have forged a new exchange opportunity for the benefit of their members. This strategic alliance presents members of both clubs with expanding destination opportunities that only these companies [...]

New Luxury Villas Coming Up at Akamas Peninsular in Cyprus

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There are few remote picturesque islands on this planet which are now becoming luxury travellers’ hot spots thanks to the growing luxury travel industry. Akamas Peninsular in Cyprus is one such spectacular island that has sea, sea caves, pine and juniper forests and its rich habitat has always attracted botanists and naturalists. Now this place [...]

LVMH Buys a Minority Stake into Luxury Brand Hermes

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Luxury conglomerate LVMH has invested in a minority stake in the luxury brand Hermes. The Financial Times has reported extensively on this important development in the luxury segment. LVMH has purchased a total of 15,016,000 shares of Hermes International which works out to 14.2 % 0f the total share capital of the company. They have [...]

Johnny Rotten to Release a Luxury Coffee Table Book

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The music performers are using the available base of their fans to experiment profitably with other medium. If there is a possibility of commerce some of them are always willing to cash in. Johnny Lydon better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols is the latest rock star to create a luxury coffee table [...]

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