Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art We Love: A Great First Step for Aspiring Art Collectors

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When I first started writing about the art market, in the white-hot auction climate of the summer of 2007, I had the chance to interview Prof. Michael Moses of NYU. Co-founder of the Mei-Moses Index used to gauge the direction of art prices, he’s pretty much the de facto source for issues at the intersection [...]

Eclectic Color Roundup: What’s the Color of Love?

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Web What’s The Color of Love? The idea is very simple and it started from a study of color perception that I began at university: to create a gigantic moisaic of color and meanings about love. What is the color of love? Why love has this color? Why did you choose this color? It’s your answer [...]

living in: love story

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Love Story is my favorite movie. My #1 (without a doubt) and my go-to answer when asked. I’ve nervously saved it for this column until I could summon the courage to take on my Holy Grail of movies. Don’t get me wrong, Citizen Kane it’s not. It can be silly and melodramatic, but also deliciously [...]

COLOURlovers Love Sweaters

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When it comes to matters of fashion here at COLOURlovers, member palettes and patterns are inspired by all sorts of items in a wardrobe–dresses, neckties, pants, handbags–the list goes on. But a few items see a little more love than the rest: suits, shirts, shoes and–as we’ll see today–sweaters. Whether called sweaters, jumpers, sweatshirts, pullovers, [...]

living in: i am love

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If my past Living In subjects are any indication, I’m a sucker for old-time favorites. I rarely drag myself out to the theater but this summer I made an exception for I Am Love, a spellbinding epic Italian melodrama that completely captivated me. The fact that I saw this movie on the hottest day of [...]

Dominique Browning Slows Down to Write Slow Love

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We all evolve as a person as we face changes and challenges in life. The former editor-in-chief of House & Garden, Dominique Browning has reinvented herself as a connoisseur of the simple life. She has come out with a new book Slow Love that tells the story of her life after she lost her job [...]

RSVIP: “Eat Pray Love” Debuts at the Ziegfeld

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Giant white letters spelled out “Eat,” “Pray,” and “Love” repeatedly in the weave of the red carpet at the premiere of “Eat Pray Love” on Tuesday at New York’s Ziegfeld theater. Topiary shrubs in the shape of corkscrews flanked billboards framed in gold of Julia Roberts tucking into gelato. “This little thing?” “Eat Pray Love” [...]

Luxist Drives the Rizk Ra, Pens “How do We Love Thee…”

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There is nothing we don’t love about the Rizk Ra. Nothing. According to Merriam-Webster, the first definition of “holophrastic” is: using or consisting of a single word that functions as a phrase or sentence. If the phrase in question is “Awesomest driving amazement,” its holophrastic equivalent is “Ra.” But it won’t do any good trying [...]

LOVE at United Colors Festival, Rosengarten

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Engaged in Colour: Lemon-Lime Love

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I have a cool little treat for you today – I randomly found this gold nugget of fantastic colour use incorporated in this engagement session by Micah Williams Photography. Big thanks to Micah (Micah Williams Photography on facebook) and PhotoBiz ( I found Micah on PhotoBiz’s Facebook fan page ( randomly last week after seeing this [...]