Friday, December 23, 2011

BB Royal Anti Ageing serum Sounds like Something Out of a Jewellery Store

October 30, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

I have lost count of the number of products that claim to stop the ageing process. Do they work? I really doubt it. But women all over the world continue to buy them nonetheless. The range of these anti-ageing products are also pretty great. For the rich the range obviously is not an issue. So [...]

Futuristic Snake Road motorcycle looks like a cobra ready to strike

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Resembling a cobra that’s ready to strike, the Snake Road concept motorcycle by French designer Bruno Delussu enjoys a highly futuristic design combined with the established elements. Bruno Delussu is the same designer who gave us the stunning Bugatti Stratos concept. The Snake Road motorcycle draws inspiration from the Imperial Speeder bike from the Star [...]

we like it wild: fall collection board

October 24, 2010 by · 10 Comments 

After a few weeks of unusually high temperatures for this month, we are finally feeling autumn in northern California. Always inspired by the wild plants that cover the roadside and hills, we thought we’d bring some fall inside by making a collection board. We took the dogs and collected bits of weeds from our overgrown [...]

Like Your Facebook Friends Enough To Hang Them On Your Wall?

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Like your FB friends enough to immortalize them on a large printed poster? That’s the idea behind grad student Benjamin Lotan’s ‘Printing Facebook’, a custom printed Friend Poster. For $20, you can choose from your own friends, your favorite groups or fan pages and have each of the profile pics ganged on one photographic print. [...]

Screw And Glow Like A Lamp!

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Two actions, screwing (as in screwing in a nail) and glowing (as in a light bulb), combining the two actions into a product, creates a totally tangent perspective. What Shiro Inoue is trying to do here is to explore how human behavior associates certain actions with reflecting objects, and when we include the action into [...]

Golden Vintage Versace Dress Will Make You Look Like a SuperStar

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We all can say it without an iota of doubt that Versace is one o the most famous designer brands in this world. Any Versace product is sure to fetch a lot of attention thanks to its brand conscious loyal customers. The empire set up by Gianni Versace has been going from strength to strength, [...]

Cufflinks That Look Like Your Initials From

October 2, 2010 by · Leave a Comment is offering the ultimate in personalized cufflinks. What can be more personalized than putting your own signature to it? And that is exactly what is offering to do. They have a simple procedure for producing your personalized cufflinks for you. They’ll take your signature, render it in 3-D using special computer software, and [...]

Download Smartphone Apps Like the Affluent Do

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If you use a Smartphone and wanted to know what kind of apps that you could download in order t be accepted in the affluent circles, read o. Lately, most affluent people have begun to downloads on to their Smartphone, and that too the ones that cost money. These apps are mostly related to weather, [...]

we like it wild: star apple edible gardens

September 27, 2010 by · 10 Comments 

As much as we love flowers (and you know how much we love flowers), we have a feeling that the purely decorative garden’s days may be numbered. This bold statement is a result of meeting Leslie Bennett and Stefani Bittner of Star Apple Edible Gardens, an Oakland-based landscaping company determined to bring sustainable, edible gardens [...]

Steve Siebold Thinks You Must Think Like a Millionaire to Become One

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Steve Siebold, the world renowned mental toughness expert has released a new book called “How Rich People Think”. He has put forward a very interesting premise and the way he puts it across it sounds very convincing. The key to becoming a millionaire is thinking like a millionaire. He compares 100 differences in thinking between [...]

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