Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lakers Receive Latest Championship Rings

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The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their 16th championship this week, receiving their rings at a ceremony at the Staples Center. Fanhouse reports on the ceremony in which each player introduced the next one in line and celebrity attendees including David Beckham and Jack Nicholson celebrated with the team (video highlights after the jump). Lakers coach [...]

Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine

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We have earlier told you about Design Q’s futuristic aircraft designs, including the Avro Business Jet Explorer One and Explorer Four concepts out of a series of five concepts for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft. The ABJ Fusion is the third of five innovative and exciting interiors commissioned by BAE Systems. The ABJ Fusion is the [...]

Luxury Trends for 2011: The Latest From The Luxury Institute

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The Luxury Institute conducts independent research with wealthy consumers about their behaviors and attitudes on customer experience best practices. Their white papers on luxury trends and consumer attitude change emerge consistently throughout the year. The most recent was published on October 10, 2011, on emerging luxury trends for 2011.. The Institute states, ” As the [...]

Heesen’s Latest 65m FDHF Super Yacht A Terrace On The Sea

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The design of yachts has evolved in the recent years to reduce the boundaries between the yacht and the sea. The idea is not transportation but to live on the sea and be as close to it as possible. Fold-out cockpit and side platforms for easy access to the sea are some of the innovative [...]

The Latest Trend in Superyacht Design – Salmon Leather

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There’s something kind of fishy about the interiors of today’s newest eco-friendly superyachts – literally. The latest trend in sustainable, environmentally-friendly upholstery for your solar-powered yacht is salmon leather, made from the skins of farmed salmon. Sounds kind of gross, but apparently there’s a growing market for this stuff thanks to multimillionaires who see little [...]

Bono And Ali Hewson Are Latest Vuitton Ad Stars

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The latest in the beautiful Louis Vuitton ad campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz features U2 frontman Bono (aka Paul Hewson) and his wife, Ali Hewson. WWD says that this is the first time that Bono has appeared in an ad without his U2 bandmates. It’s also the first time that a label other than Vuitton [...]

Mega Aquariums The Latest Fad With The Super Rich

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Mega aquariums are the latest fad with the mega rich tells us Ralph Ammirati whose customers call him at 12 at night to discuss the tint of their aquarium glass. Well if your customers pay you a bomb, then I guess you shouldn’t be surprised if they expect 24X7 service. Christopher Stevens, a Manhattan-based interior [...]

Audiowood’s latest creation is the Arc de Triomphe wooden turntable

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If you are one of those individuals who thinks the best way to listen to music is on a high-end turntable, you need to check out the new Arc de Triomphe turntable from the house of Audiowood. The company has already impressed us with its range of wooden turntables that bring old vinyl back to [...]

The latest jukebox by Rock-Ola could be a great addition to your home

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There are some great jukeboxes out there. Let me give you a list of some of the best. In no particular order: the WurlitzerJukebox, the Xi Classic iPod jukebox, the Rock-Ola Touch Screen Music Center, Sound Leisure’s Xi iPod jukebox, IntelliTunes digital jukebox and the Silversmith and Black Diamond digital touchscreen jukeboxes are all kickass. But here is another addition this already amazing list. The [...]

Nina Ricci’s latest offering is a cool new watch

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The latest timepiece by Nina Ricci called Nina Ricci N031 is quite unique and looks understated yet classy. I am not sure if everyone would like its design, but for me, its unique design really draws my attention. This watch for women makes use of Milanese thin mesh metal that can be wrapped around the [...]