Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Munk Bogballe unveils Classic Bespoke luxury laptop collection

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It’s been more than two years after Munk Bogballe turned a MacBook into a luxury workstation. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, Munk Bogballe introduced its new luxury laptop line dubbed the Classic Bespoke collection. Pricing starts at €5,200 ($7,225) and for the same, you get lavish features like aluminum body, leather accents, [...]

$7,000 Classic Bespoke luxury laptop line from Munk Bogballe for Rich Nerds…Whistles!!!!

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The historical roots of “Bespoke” initiative came from tailored clothing and shirts, which slowly ventured into hospitality and now ruling the minds of the nerd. What would a rich nerd possess or demand? Inking deals with gadgets/accessories of his taste, his choice of color, his selection of dimensions…..something that describes his personality. It is here [...]

MacBookAir May Herald a New Beginning for Laptop Consumers

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After the success of both iPhone and iPod, Steve Jobs has introduced MacBookAir the latest laptop at the Apple headquarters on Wednesday. The technological knowhow, and the vast experience has resulted in a brand new and much thinner model. This simplified and redesigned, MacBook Air has been the talk of the town and it also [...]

Kitchen Laptop Stand

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If you like to use your laptop to look up recipes or watch food preparation videos and then end up making a mess all over your kitchen, then you need a Kitchen Laptop Stand. The Internet can be a super handy tool for finding great recipes but sticky fingers, smoke from the stove, airborne flour [...]

Dell Teams Up With Threadless! Sneak Peek At The 10 New Laptop Designs

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The Threadless Collection for Dell Computers Blending technology, art and fashion, Dell and Threadless teamed up to offer an exclusive collection of original graphic creations. This artwork from the popular community-based design web site is available from the Dell™ Design Studio for customizing select laptop computers. Here’s a sneak peek at all ten designs, but [...]

9 Creative Ways For Getting Rid of Your Laptop

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While entire online communities are dedicated to reusing old computers, a laptop can be tougher. It’s easy to turn your old desktop computer into an aquarium or cat bed, but laptops are a little less versatile. So, we decided to compile this list to help fill the knowledge gap. From the convenient to complicated, here [...]

HOLO 2.0: A laptop on your wrist!

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Computers keep getting smaller and smaller these days. But pushing the limits to this is the brilliant designer team of Elodie Delassus, Pradeep Kamath, Rucha Shinde, Taha Poonawala, and Asher Kandelar. They hope to shrink the computer to the size of a wristband! It is supposed to be wearable, stylish and equipped with ecological power [...]

Dell Adamo XPS, World’s Thinnest Laptop Reviewed

Dell Adamo XPS, World’s Thinnest Laptop Reviewed

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At a scant 9.99mm, the Dell Adamo XPS really is the world’s thinnest notebook – truly design like no other. I’ve been trying to keep my tongue in check when Dell invited me to grab a first hand look at their new baby. It doesn’t look real. It’s almost too thin, yet underneath that metal [...]