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Human Crayons, Plaster Heads & Lip Jewelry By Designer Heli Hietala

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I have already shared with you the fabulous carved crayola crayons by Diem Chau. Now, here’s another artist/designer who has crafted human-shaped colored crayons. COLOURS by designer Heli Kristina Hietala are crayons shaped as the human figure. The intent was to show the results of involvement between characters and how communication can range from soft, [...]

Le Vian Jewelers Release Their 2011 Jewelry Trend Forecast

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To anticipate the trend is very important for the fashion industry. You will be considered a guru if you can predict trends before they happen. Le Vian Jewelers who became famous for their chocolate diamonds and have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry are sharing predictions for the next year in their [...]

Ivanka Trump Debuts Her Jewelry Line in Chicago With Marshall Pierce & Co.

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Ivanka Trump has brought her fine jewelry line to Chicago. She has partnered with Marshall Pierce and Company who are premiere jewelers since 1928, for her debut in Chicago. Ivanka was in Chicago for the occasion when the store hosted  a VIP cocktail reception to announce their exclusive retail partnership with Ivanka Trump. Over 120 [...]

Joan Hornig Makes Buying Jewelry an Act of Giving Back to Society

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Combining jewelry with charity is not a simple or an obvious concept. They are two very diverse streams but Joan Hornig has brought them together. She has always been interested in beauty, individuality and philanthropy. And the beauty of her Joan Hornig line is that it lets everyone get involved. If you buy a piece [...]

Revolver From Rogue DNZ, The Ultimate Piece of Jewelry

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This is an unusual piece of jewelry. It is not one of those that are unusual because of its design or because of its extensive use of precious stones. This is a ring of metal like you’ve never seen before. It’s made of six modular pieces of military spec G5 aerospace grade titanium. You will [...]

Ultima Jewelry brings out customized car models in gold and platinum

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Midas would have been a very busy man these days as everything seems to be turning into gold these days. You have gold plated laptops, cellphones, and what not. Now here comes the ultimate toy car. Yes, Ultima Jewelry has given the Midas touch to those little cars that boys love to collect (Though this [...]

Rings That Rock and Roll. Kinetic Jewelry By Michael Berger.

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above: Stainless Steel kinetic ring with 14 brilliant cut diamonds Most kinetic (moving) jewelry is downright ugly. But these modern rings by Michael Berger are definitely an exception. Geometric shapes in brushed and polished golds or stainless steel, some set with fine gems, diamonds or Tahitian Pearls, sit upon the finger like little moving sculptures. [...]

South Asian Company to buy 6 Italian Jewelry Companies

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Gitanjali Gems Ltd., India’s biggest jewellery retailer, has stepped up efforts to grow and expand all over the world. On those lines, they would complete the purchase of 6 Italian brands within the next 3 years. Chairman Mehul Choksi revealed that the company would acquire 6 Italian companies that would help it acquire 31  percent [...]

Richemont Jewelry Sales Scales Skyheights with Double Digit Growth Rates

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A conventional flow of thought would suggest that given the recent global economic meltdown, the luxury business is ought to be worse hit. Well, this trend has become a passé with Financiere Richemont SA posting double digit growth rate in recent times. The Swiss luxury mills reported 37 percent rise in sales partly owing to [...]

2 Roses Studio Turns Computer Components Into One-of-a-Kind Art Jewelry

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So, it’s statement jewelry you’re looking for? Look no further. 2Roses, the Southern California-based jewelry-making studio has pushed the envelope on experimentation in jewelry design and the results are outstandingly original and, in some case, downright humorous. Take for example, the eclectic jewelry made from computer components. Talk about taking the concept of recycling to [...]

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