Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wally’s revolutionary Island Yacht shrinks its size

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As the recession blues hinted of getting over at the starting of this year, we saw the wealthy taking to the spending spree and the optimistic signs for bigger boats suddenly changed to super-duper boats, but the Monaco-based yacht maker, Wally has decided to reduce the size of its revolutionary WHY yacht. By reducing the [...]

Planning a Mini Vacation? Summer Hill Island is a perfect getaway!

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The picturesque North Carolina’s Southern Ridge Mountains are the home to Lake Glenville, considered to be one of the treasures. The lake was created in 1941 and is considered to be one of the highest man-made lakes, east of Mississippi, sitting at an elevation of 3452 feet. Hamburg Township, the original town of Glenville sits [...]

Modern Dream Home: House on Hooper Island by David Jameson Architects

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Tucked into the modest Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland stand a modernist home unlike any other of its kind, at least in this town. The neighborhood of mostly seafood packers and the like has been shaken up by the addition of a new metal-clad compound by architect David Jameson. [More...] Source: [...]

An Island from ‘The World’ gets enlisted for sale

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For those who dreamed of making the world their own, here’s a chance to grab at least a chunk of it. An investor in the World project has listed an island on sale defying the “no flipping” diktat by UAE Defense Minister, Nakheel. While flipping is not allowed for islands on the World and since [...]

Grab Your Own Cave Cay Island In The Bahamas For $110 Million

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One of the most breathtaking vacation spots in the world, The Bahamas is now offering any person with $110 million a unique opportunity of owning a private island in the Exuma region. This gorgeous natural beauty called, Cave Cay is located near David Copperfield’s famed Musha Cay and the island and will provide its owner [...]