Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chanel Unveils Winter Skincare Inspired by Chocolate and Fuchsia

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Winter is here, and it is time it take care of the skin the way the chilly winds demand. Usually during the winter, the skin goes dry and remains listless for it is natural for the cold winds to suck the moisture from one’s skin. Thus, the most important tactic for us to keep our [...]

Etiqueta Negra Launches a Men’s Collection of Casual wear Inspired by Classic Cars

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Etiqueta Negra is the Argentina based design house which has created a space for itself  in the masculine sporty style. In fact they have had several collections in the equestrian and sporting style. They are launching a new men’s collection which has been inspired by classic cars and boun to connect with a majority of [...]

The New Batumi Aquarium From Henning Larsen Is Inspired By Beach Pebbles.

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Henning Larsen Architects has won first prize for its significant design concept for a new aquarium in the Georgian seaport of Batumi. The invited competition took place in spring 2010 with the German architecture company Drei Architekten and the two American companies PJA Architects and Pryor & Morrow Architects among the participants. The 2,000 m2 [...]

Hat Inspired Patterns & Colors

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This is a complemetary post to “30 Years of the Most Colorful Hats in Fashion” about legendary milliner Stephen Jones. Original Pattern By: AimtheDi Original Pattern By: miss bea heyvin Original Pattern By: Lerner Hat Inspired Color Did we miss any hat inspired patterns or colors? Share yours in the comments. Header image uses compiled from stephenjonesmillinery.com and patterns [...]

Limited edition Tribute Vespa inspired by Italian mahogany speedboats

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The Limited Edition Tribute Vespa from Digital Veneer draws inspiration from the Italian mahogany speedboats of the ‘60s that were favored by the jetset of that era from St Tropez to Portofino. Promising a unique around-the-town riding experience, the limited edition Tribute Vespa scooter has been designed by skilled craftsmen as an authentic work of [...]

The Man Who Created Avatar’s Pandora, Now Designs Avatar Inspired Cars

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James Cameron’s smash hit ‘Avatar’ has caught everybody’s imagination. The fictional world of Pandora was a treat to the eyes. The man behind it was Federico B. Alliney, and he has been roped in by Alfa Romeo for creating some Avatar inspired cars. The link between him and the company goes way back as he [...]

9-5 by Saab Automobile Inspired by Aircraft is Ready for Takeoff

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Saab Automobile has gone through some tough times in the recent past. Its separation from General Motors was rather painful. But the turnaround also seems to be equally dramatic. The new owner Spyker is in place. The Swedish government and the European Banks are backing the company. They have an engine deal with BMW in [...]

Green Apple iPad Wallpapers Inspired by Nature

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A stunning collection of 27 Green Apple iPad Wallpapers inspired by nature in various forms including 3d Digital art, fantasy and landscape.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “bestcr”; ch_backfill = 1; ch_color_site_link = “#CC0000″; ch_color_title = “#CC0000″; ch_color_border = “#FFFFFF”; [...]

UD Replicas Create TRON Inspired Motorcycle Suits

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UD replicas have found a sure fire way to create popular designs of motorcycle suits. They have very successfully transformed the costumes from our favorite nerdy films into motorcycle suits. We have already seen the successful transformation with Batman, Wolverine and Iron Man. The latest to join the series is TRON. The franchise has a [...]

Outlandish Headphones Inspired By Squamates

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If you have an invitation to a masquerade bash and you do not know what to wear then these headphones will surely serve the purpose. Designed by Dutch designer Jop Japenga, these headphones adjust the spines and scales present on them according to the mood of the music being played, isn’t it surreal! This is [...]