Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Helicopter from the Cold War Era on Sale

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If you are either a cold war buff or a helicopter buff, you would find the standard-setting Bo 105 way back from 1978 quite interesting. I will honestly say that this is a good piece of machinery and has a bit of a history too. This twin-engine, multi-purpose classic is currently in the possession of [...]

Independence, a 58-meter yacht for owners demanding full helicopter support

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Yachts with various types of capabilities have found a place here, still there are designs and creations that break the barriers of similarity and besides the luxurious thing in thing carry that difference up and are available for us appreciators to rejoice. Case in point is the new Independence, if you’re confused, let me clear [...]

58 Meter Helicopter Support Yacht With Large Storage

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Independence is no ordinary yacht. It is a 58 meter super yacht. It is a product of three Monaco based organizations who are leaders in their fields and have given their inputs to come up with a product that is perhaps the best in its category. Sterling / Scott Yacht Design, Edmiston, the leading super yacht [...]