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Interior Design Trends: Red and Gold

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Red and gold are quiet a unique combination to me. They seem like a color combination that fits well with Christmas. I know Halloween is just around the corner but you can not help but think about Christmas when commercials are already reminding us that it is soon approaching. So, here are some Red and Gold accessories to thwart [...]

Boyd Lighting Unveils 24ct Yellow Gold Leaf Finish Sconce Lighting

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Lighting accessories have the ability to turn any ordinary room into a work of art. The Sconce lighting by Boyd Lighting is a magnificent home d├ęcor accessory that gleams with 32 asymmetrical rods of steel. Playful crystal spheres lay atop these rods and hallowed lamps or Led can be fixed for both downward and upward [...]

“Miracle On Ice” Gold Medal Up For Auction

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For the second time in just a week we are seeing another of the world’s most prized trophies, an Olympic gold medal, go up for auction. The first 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey gold medal ever offered in a public auction is estimated to sell for $100,000 or more next month. It is being [...]

Monopoly Game Board Made of Gold Encrusted With Gemstones on Display

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The Museum of American Finance in New York City has a very special item on display. It is a monopoly board game made out of solid gold and encrusted with jewels. The precious golden board has been created by the jeweler Sidney Mobell. He started work on it in 1988 and it was his passion [...]

$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board

October 17, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

No this is not a peel off Monopoly game from your local McDonalds’s with a $2 million prize, this is the world’s most expensive Monopoly board. According to the Wall St. Journal, the board is made of solid 18k gold and all the famed properties on the board are gem-set for a total of 165 [...]

$2 Million Monopoly Board Made of Solid 18K Gold and 165 Gem Stones

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The most expensive tag is becoming a bit predictable and repetitive. Make it in gold and platinum and beautify it with diamonds and voila you have the most expensive item. Still, if it is taste fully done it has its own aesthetic appeal. The Wall Street Journal, no less has reported about the most expensive [...]

Super Talent Technology Brings Out A Gold Plated USB Flash Drive, Pico-C

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Super Talent Technology keeps coming out with some great USB Devices. One of my favourite has been their key-shaped ones. This time around they have given the Midas Touch to a very cool USB. Called Pico-C, this device has been covered in 24 carat gold. But that is not the only thing that makes this [...]

Ultima Jewelry brings out customized car models in gold and platinum

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Midas would have been a very busy man these days as everything seems to be turning into gold these days. You have gold plated laptops, cellphones, and what not. Now here comes the ultimate toy car. Yes, Ultima Jewelry has given the Midas touch to those little cars that boys love to collect (Though this [...]

Round Golden Bridge Re-issued by Corum in 18k Red Gold Case

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Corum has re-issued in limited edition its Round Golden Bridge. They have in recent past come up with some vintage re-issues that have been appreciated for adding to the original designs. But the Round Golden Bridge is not from that long ago. It is relatively recent compared to the other two. It was originally released [...]

Gold Coast May Win Commonwealth Games 2018 Bid and $500 Million in Cash

October 3, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Gold Coast is famous for a lot of things which are quite related to each other. It all begins with the beautiful sandy beaches, the tall skyscrapers, the golden sun and of course the never ending list of nightclubs. Gold Coast has almost become the party capital of Asia Pacific, if there were such a [...]

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