Monday, August 23, 2010

Gadget Thumbnails for 20-Aug-2010

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Hands on with the ZOMM Tree Planting Robot HumanCar can go 60 mph with just human power Running barefoot is the new trend? Steampunk Monorail is far more fun than a toy train Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale USB Submarine sadly isn’t yellow MP3 Teddy Bear appeals to all ages Razer ups gaming ante with [...]

EgoTV Gadget Review: Powermat

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Every now and then a TV Ad campaign comes along that generates interest in a new product because: A) It’s Sexy (GoDaddy) or B) It’s Lame (Enzyte) or C) It’s (bleeping) Funny! Most of the time these ads cover up a very simple fact: the product actually sucks. Then there’s Powermat. Powermat has been lurking [...]

The Modern, Fashionable, Sleek Gadget V95C USB

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If you combine luxury with modern technology the results can be stunning. Transcend Information Inc has done just that and the resultant product is the new 16 GB Jet Flash V95C USB flash drives. It has a retractable USB connector, a huge capacity, a deep gloss accent panel which becomes more stunning because of the [...]

Gadget Thumbnails for 09-Jul-2010

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Breville Hot Cup saves on energy Chalkboard Watch filled with math Truncheon Task Light AlcoholOmeter Glasses relieves you of thinking Automatic Pill Grinder could help the older folks out Water Wars is like paintball, but with water Halo Bicycle Lock can send you a message Coolest Gadgets UK – For all your UK centric tech [...]

Gadget Thumbnails for 03-Jul-2010

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Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale CRKT Eat’N Tool Check out the Coolest Gadgets 2008 Gift Guides, Christmas shopping made easy.[ Gadget Thumbnails for 03-Jul-2010 copyright by Coolest Gadgets ] Related Posts: Gadget Thumbnails for 30-Jan-2010 Gadget Thumbnails for 03-Apr-2010 Gadget Thumbnails for 17-Apr-2010 Gadget Thumbnails for 27-Mar-2010 Gadget Thumbnails for 01-May-2010 Source: Coolest Gadgets

Weird Gadget Sweepstakes: Japanese Endless Package Opening Gizmo

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Weird Gadget Sweepstakes: Japanese Endless Package Opening Gizmo The sweepstakes is back! Apologies for no giveaway last week but we were expecting a really cool gadget to arrive for the giveaway and it never did. We’ll have it here for next week, most likely. But who cares about next week, onto this week. We’re got [...]

Samsung Unveils Hi-Tech Kitchen Gadget, the Zipel E-diary Refrigerator

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The new era of home appliances these days do lot more than just household chores. The new Zipel e-diary Refrigerator from Samsung belongs to this very league and can crumble the presence of any other electronic device on your kitchen floor. It has a 10″ touch screen display powered by Wi-fi that gives its user [...]

Versace Phone: The Remarkably Haute Couture Gadget

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Connoisseurs of luxury would admit that there couldn’t be any gadget that is luxurious unless it came from one of the luxury houses. Thus, most of us find ourselves buying the Prada Phone or Dior Phone in order to buy the most luxurious, and not purchase something technically advanced but designed for the masses. Thus, [...]

Devon Tread 1 Watch Is Luxury Gadget Realized

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Sure the Devon Tread 1 watch is a luxury timepieces, but it doesn’t have much in common with most luxury timepieces. While it is technically mechanical, it isn’t in the horological sense – as it makes use of motors, a small computer, and electronics. It has more in common with a robot in terms of [...]