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Hollywood producer’s Gulfstream III gets a flying theater

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Georgia-based Flight Display Systems lately confirmed the delivery and installation of its new Cabin Management System called Select CMS in a “Flying Theater” configuration on a Gulfstream III aircraft. New York-based International Jet Interiors did the installation. The Gulfstream III is being reported to be owned by some anonymous Hollywood movie producer and director who [...]

Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin Has Mushroom shaped Flying Beds!

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Soma was an ancient drink that was consumed by the Indians of the Vedic period. It was supposed to be this magical that infused the drinker with great vigour, and was even capable of sending to the human to higher levels of consciousness. It has remained a mystery to modern man exactly which plant this [...]

Design Q’s latest Avro Business Jet is a flying limousine

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We have earlier told you about Design Q’s futuristic aircraft designs, including the Avro Business Jet Explorer One and Explorer Four concepts out of a series of five concepts for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft. The ABJ Fusion is the third of five innovative and exciting interiors commissioned by BAE Systems. The ABJ Fusion is the [...]

Your next Wi-Fi signal provider: Flying robots

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I’m sure that many of you have had the problem of losing a Wi-Fi signal for your laptop. Instead of using the access point at your local library or coffee shop, have you considered flying robots? This is SMAVNET (Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network), a project from Swiss-based lab EPFL, and I have included a [...]

Bentley Recalls the Flying B Hood Ornament

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Ever take a look at a hood ornament and wonder what would happen if you got hit by a car with one? Some of the most upscale offerings from the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maybach and Jaguar offer them, but they’re all designed to fold down or retract entirely in the event of a pedestrian [...]

Ready for Takeoff: AVX Aircraft’s Flying SUV

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The staggering array of features available on today’s luxury SUVs boggles the mind; the best of the best basically do everything but perform oral sex on the driver. None of them can actually fly, however – until now. Behold the AVX Aircraft Company’s new airborne SUV, a sort of Hummer with retractable wings. Originally designed [...]

Finally: The Flying Car Is On Its Way

July 2, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

For years, flying cars have been the dream of every red-blooded American male. But sadly, the fabled device featured in sci-fi and James Bond films have not made the leap from fiction to reality…until now. Behold, the The Terrafugia Transition! This street-legal automobile doubles as a plane, and, thanks to an exemption, is even designated [...]

Flight of Fancy: FAA Approves Flying Car

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The Terrafugia, a flying car developed by a group of MIT graduates, passed a key regulatory hurdle this month when the FAA agreed it could be certified in the Light Sports Aircraft category. The concept of a flying car has long caught the attention of wealthy commuters, pilots and engineers. Think about it. Every time [...]

X-Zylo Flying Toy Can be Thrown the Length of 2 Football Fields

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X-Zylo Flying Toy Can be Thrown the Length of 2 Football Fields The X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope Toy is an amazingly engineered outdoor toy that can fly a distance of up to 600 feet in a single throw. It comes in two styles as shown above- the longer tailed Air Rider which is easier to throw [...]

Airmotion gives new wings to our fascination of flying

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If the lighter-than-air vehicle concept didn’t surprise you, you surely are a hard nut to crack. However, this new concept based on the same concept has given new wings to our fascination of flying. Dubbed airmotion, this new concept aims to develop a new and conscious way of traveling, in which the experience of nature [...]

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