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World’s First Swarovski encrusted Cable Cars in Singapore

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The days of simple living are long gone I guess. These days it seem people want it blinged up. But who would have thought that one might even put crystals in a cable car! Yes people, if you happen to be in Singapore, you will get a chance to sit in a cable car that [...]

Speiron Co.’s Lambda Olive Oil Is World’s First Personalized Olive Oil

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The best olive oil is obtained from the olives grown in Mediterranean regions. This nutritious oil has been used by health conscious people to cook food, and also to get many health benefits. What could be better than trying the most exclusive olive oil ever launched?  This personalized, first of its kind, world’s luxurious olive [...]

PuLi: The First Urban Resort And Spa In Downtown Shanghai

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The urban resort idea is growing in the United States. I have written about it recently for Luxist, regarding the Millennium Towers in San Francisco. This residence hotel offers a type of experiential, urban sanctuary that is particularly needful, especially in electric, busy, hyper-urban settings. This concept is new in the Far East, and the [...]

The Fashion Statement: Fashion’s First Lady

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We know the First Lady has style. But did you know she was responsible for $2.7 billion in fashion sales at the height of the recession? In a story published this week by the Harvard Business Review, Michelle Obama made more than 189 public appearances clothed in 29 brands between November, 2008, and December, 2009. [...]

First Fiat 500 in North America Brings in $85,000 at Toronto Charity Auction

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Fiat would not exactly be considered a luxury automaker, but their spritely 500 hatchback has been winning over premium buyers around the world. Soon it will be on American shores as well – a little sooner than we thought, as it turns out, as the first one has already been sold on the Western banks [...]

€1,5 million of F1 history on James: Schumacher’s first world championship winning car

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Tweet In May, Michael Schumacher’s privately owned puke-yellow Bugatti EB 110 turned up on James and while it probably would be like driving the automotive equivalent of a never-ending epileptic fit, this week’s pick might actually be even less driveable – albeit a lot more interesting.  This Benetton (yeah, the same people as the clothing [...]

Bieber Fever Spreads To Fingertips. A First Look At His Nicole by Opi Nail Polishes.

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above: the collection is said to include a total of 14 colors, with the above six launching first. Bieber Fever spreads to fingertips. That’s right, tween heartthrob Justin Bieber has collaborated with Opi’s new Nicole line to design a collection of nail polish which hits Wal-Mart stores this December after which it will appear in [...]

Art We Love: A Great First Step for Aspiring Art Collectors

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When I first started writing about the art market, in the white-hot auction climate of the summer of 2007, I had the chance to interview Prof. Michael Moses of NYU. Co-founder of the Mei-Moses Index used to gauge the direction of art prices, he’s pretty much the de facto source for issues at the intersection [...]

Bose Brings Out Its First Ever Television Set

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Bose has been known till now to make one of the best speakers. The company is now moving to TV manufacturing. Yes Bose will be bringing out its first TV around Christmas time. They recently revealed this model. It has an LCD screen, 6 woofers, 7 element speakers and something called a “sound radiator”. Called [...]

The First Armani Hotel in Dubai has the Master’s Touch Everywhere

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In the context of Dubai even Giorgio Armani can become understated. And why not, when bars with multicolor fluorescent ceilings are considered classy in Dubai the hotel designed by the fashion designer in the world’s tallest building is being considered understated. The first in a series of Armani-branded resorts and residences opened in Dubai in [...]

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