Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travelive and Andronis Offer Romantic Holiday Through Facebook

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Travelive is the luxury travel and leisure company specializing in custom-made, up-scale vacations, honeymoons, cruises and private yacht charters in the Mediterranean. Their brand Travel2Greece has come together with Andronis Luxury Suites and announced the launch of its “Santorini Luxury Vacation Sweepstakes” which offers you a 5 night Luxury stay in Santorini. Andronis Luxury Suites [...]

Like Your Facebook Friends Enough To Hang Them On Your Wall?

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Like your FB friends enough to immortalize them on a large printed poster? That’s the idea behind grad student Benjamin Lotan’s ‘Printing Facebook’, a custom printed Friend Poster. For $20, you can choose from your own friends, your favorite groups or fan pages and have each of the profile pics ganged on one photographic print. [...]

Facebook Car

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If ever there was a case for the dislike button, this would be my first victim. via lamebook Facebook Car Source: CraziestGadgets.com

Facebook Gone Horribly Wrong

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Picture Source You ever wonder what happens when your attempt at social media goes horribly wrong. A few misplaced words or sentences on a comment or status can stir up a barage of jokes, likes, and comments towards your stupidity or lifestyle. By the end of the day not only have you been left emotionally [...]

The Dumbest Facebook Quizzes Ever

July 7, 2010 by admin · 2 Comments 

What could be a bigger waste of time than Facebook games? What? Writing an article on Facebook games? Shut up. This is my job. Sure, some Facebook games can teach us profound life lessons, like, what type of shoe are you? However, most Facebook quizzes are perhaps the biggest time-wasters and pointless activities on earth. [...]

Follow Craziest Gadgets on Facebook

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Craziest Gadgets is on the Facebook! and we like you. Do you like us? Come on people! We’re only 41,000 fans behind Engadget. Follow Craziest Gadgets on Facebook Source: CraziestGadgets.com

College Student Arrested For Underage Drinking From Facebook Photo

July 1, 2010 by admin · 1 Comment 

Big Brother is here, brought to you by… Facebook. Here’s how it went down… One night, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student Adam Bauer was at a party. A college party. He had a few beverages, and some people at said party snapped some photos of the 19-year-old holding what was apparently… a beer. About a [...]

Just 4 More Days for Our Facebook Contest To End!

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The clock is ticking and if you haven’t participated yet in Home Designing’s Facebook contest yet, now would be a good time! We just have 4 days to go before the competition winds up on June 17th. A reminder again of what is up for grabs. First Prize – $100 + The Book of Inspirational [...]

Facebook Like Button becomes stamp

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It’s a tricky thing being a Facebook addict, sometimes the outside world is just a little too bland.  Thankfully one addict finally found a way to help you cope when you’re not able to log in.  Just pick up one of these rubber stamps and you’ll be able to like things in a true Facebook [...]

Participate in Home Designing’s Facebook contest and win prizes!

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We are excited to roll out a new contest at Home-Designing where you could win exciting prizes! What You Get to Win 1. At the end of the contest we pick three winners from the participants. First Prize – $100 + The Book of Inspirational Interiors* Second Prize – $50 + The Book of Inspirational [...]