Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dream Home

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The above modern mountain dream home, completed in 2009 is named NOVE 2 by Studio B Architects. Studio B is an established design firm in Aspen, Colorado that has emerged as a creative firm specializing in designing regional structures.4 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items

Sorry, Maltese: New Dream Ship Will Be World’s Largest Super Sailer

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Tweet Just as with Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, currently the world’s largest yacht but soon to be eclipsed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s Dubai, the days of the Maltese Falcon’s supremacy amongst sailing superyachts are about to come to an end. A few weeks back Turkey-based Dream Ship Victory signed a contract on a new [...]

Charlotte Church Wants to Get Rid of Her Dream Yacht Sketchey

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Splits and separations are always painful and often messy. Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson announced their split four months ago and they are already turning their assets to liquid cash. The first to be put up for sale is the couple’s fifty-five-foot luxury cruise yacht Sketchy. They had bought the yacht barely 18 months ago [...]

The Dream Symphony: The Biggest Sailing Yacht Till Date

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The Dream Symphony is going to be a masterpiece, thanks to the Naval Architecture expertise of Dykstra & Partners and the design and styling by Ken Freivokh. These two companies were signed up by Dream Ship Victory on September 23rd. The Dream Symphony will be 141 metres long and with that will earn the distinction [...]

Paradise in Germany: A Modern Minimalist Dream House

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This minimalist white home is indeed a reflection of clean, pure and serene environment, but what makes it luxurious are the materials and technology with which each edifice is constructed. Apparently, splashes of abstract color sparsely strewn here and there are enough to satisfy a modern palette. The clean-lined architecture and simple landscape at this [...]

A Tree House With All The Amenities Could Be Your Dream Home

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I am sure all of us wanted to have a tree house as a kid. But to you I present a tree house for the adults, and it is awesome! I am talking about the tree house that you see in the above picture that is located in the very green and lovely milieu of [...] the Travel Auction Website Makes Dream Vacations Affordable

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Have you ever bid for a vacation and secured it against competition? I don’t think so. But it is possible now. The opportunity is available through an online auction. itsyBiD ( is a unique new travel auction website that offers luxury hotel rooms, vacation packages and destination experiences to winning bidders at an average discount [...]

Ken’s Mixed Media Dream House House Tour

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Name: Ken Location: Midtown West — Manhattan, New York Size: 570 square feet Years lived in: 2+ — owned Who lives here? A software VP and a former life drawing class model. A collector and a minimalist. A former Brooklynite who likes his art raw and urban and a Dallas gentleman who prefers things serene [...]

Los Cabos In Mexico, A Dream Destination To Get Hitched

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Luxury Avenue at Los Cabos is a dream destination for any couple getting married. You can be assured that last minute wedding details will be taken care of, and just in case you want to do shopping or pamper yourself to some spa or beauty treatment, there is no dearth of choices. You can also [...]

Chris’ Industrial “Dreamer’s Dream” Loft House Tour

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Name: Christopher Cushingham Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California Size: 780 Square Feet Years lived in: 6 months Large windows are a valued element to loft living. Chris worked as a residential window cleaner growing up, which helped develop his appreciation for unique and expansive windows. In fact, these industrial windows and the generous natural light [...]