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SICIS Releases Bathtub Designed as a Shoe With Floral Designs

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If I tell you that a bathtub designed as a shoe will look awesome, you will not agree. You don’t see the connection between a bathtub and a shoe until you see the bathtub designs released by SICIS. It is luxurious, it is artistic and a statement on modern bathroom interior. The unusual and unique [...]

New Leica M9 Titanium Is Designed By Automobile Designer Walter de’Silva.

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The exclusive special edition Leica M9 “Titanium” is the result of a collaboration with Walter de’Silva (shown above), a prominent automobile designer responsible for groundbreaking models from the Volkswagen Group. The chief designer and his Audi Design Team have re-interpreted the LEICA M9 and the outcome is a special edition LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’, strictly limited [...]

Luxurious and Exclusive Alligator iPad Case Designed by Domenico Vacca

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Are you a gadget freak and fashion conscious at the same time? You must be very selective when it comes to choosing the perfect case for your various gadgets. It must be stressful to finally choose the right case for the right gadget that adds to the style and enhances your personality also when you [...]

House Tumble Designed by Johannes Norlander Arkitektu is One of its Kind Living Space

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Off late the blogosphere is exploding with stories of how creative minds are churning out energy efficient yet beautiful houses across the globe. It’s good that people are waking up to the benefits of eco-consciousness, but I think that’s turning into an overdose. Let us give ourselves a break and get soaked into the goodness [...]

An ‘Electrifying’ Chess Board designed by Brent Blake

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There is something about the chess-board that is aesthetically quite attractive. And people have experimented quite a lot with in the past. We have seen crystals chess boards, magnet chess boards etc. I even saw a girl make a chess board out of carrot and radish when I was in school for a salad dressing [...]

Robles Arquitectos Designed 100 % Self- Sufficient Abode in Costa Rico

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If I was to ask somebody what would his idea of a perfect house would be, they’d probably tell me something like a penthouse in One Hyde Park in London or Manhattan, a beach house on Hawaii or something as innovative as a condo on Moon. This is the voice of our lifestyle choices that [...]

Primera Bravo SE Product Designed To Rule the Duplication Industry

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Top spot across the globe in specialized field of business never comes easily to a brand, its only Primera’s  core USP that leaves nothing else to be desired; they guarantees their product users across the globe with the quality promise that need to be ensured to clients in present day technology savvy printing and duplication [...]

Products Designed To Build Your Custom Web Site

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In the past all web site builder products were much the same, which meant all websites were also very similar. Once one kind of software for web site building was released, others simply followed suit afterwards without much difference for some time. The programs included layout templates but limited those who wanted more custom designs. [...]

The Best Skin Creme For Men is NOT a Relabeled Product Designed For Women

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The best skin crème for men is not some product that was designed for women, which is what most male skin products actually are. Cosmetic companies use the same formulation for both men and women. They merely add a different fragrance to each one. If you want to do what’s right for your health, which [...]

Don’t You Hate Products Designed To Fail Early

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Don’t you hate it when something breaks just after the warranty runs out? Or what about that new electronic gadget that fails to work with your old accessories from the same manufacturer? Some of these infuriating problems were caused on purpose, by product designers practicing “planned obsolescence.” Planned obsolescence occurs when something is intended to [...]

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