Saturday, October 16, 2010

Luxurite Cabinet Door TV = Computer + Mirror TV + Wi-Fi

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After unveiling the built-in TV for your kitchen and the 82-inch outdoor glass LCD TV, Luxurite has now taken the wraps off its newest creation – the built-in cabinet door Mirror TV with Wi-Fi. The Luxurite Cabinet Door TV has been designed to combine the functions of a TV, PC, mirror and cabinet door in [...]

Vintage Apple Computer Circuit Board Clocks

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Check out these really awesome geeky clocks from the really awesome geeky folks at Geekware. The top one is from the circuit board of a vintage 1983 model Apple IIe computer. The rainbow ribbon is just fanboytastic. It would have been cool to make that into a grandfather style clock with the rainbow ribbon moving [...]

AIS 15” IP67 NEMA 6 Rugged Panel Computer

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Do you happen to work in a really, really tough environment, where it is hot as hell and your boss is the devil? Poor you, as your resume doesn’t seem to register interest in the upper tiers of management elsewhere, so you might as well make the best of the situation. We’re talking about the [...]

Recycled Computer Wires Dress

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Tina Sparkles, which is either a really cool made up name or the best name ever, made this dress out of recycled computer wires. There’s also a thrift store curtain and electrical tape in this dress which she calls “Systems Supernova”. Looks like something out of that crazy Project Runway challenge they have every year. [...]

2 Roses Studio Turns Computer Components Into One-of-a-Kind Art Jewelry

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So, it’s statement jewelry you’re looking for? Look no further. 2Roses, the Southern California-based jewelry-making studio has pushed the envelope on experimentation in jewelry design and the results are outstandingly original and, in some case, downright humorous. Take for example, the eclectic jewelry made from computer components. Talk about taking the concept of recycling to [...]

Reuse your old computer parts…Make a coffee table!

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What do you do to the old parts of your computer that are no more of your use? Well, here’s an idea! How about using them in a creative manner? Pictured here is a coffee table that’s entirely made up of computer parts that otherwise would have been a waste. It’s made up of boards [...]

11 Modern Minimalist Computer Desks

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Recently I set out to find a new desk for my PC to rest on and came across a lot of ideas that I thought were worthy enough to share. Actually the search was tough. I mean, I know there would be a lot of people out there who would be happy with huge desks [...]

The Devon Tread1 watch has a computer inside it!

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The Devon Tread 1 is an exquisite timepiece, both in terms of its looks as well as the technology. But this is no ordinary watch. It has more in common with a robot than a watch. This watch consists of motors, a small computer, and electronics. Sounds cool, doesn’t it! Tread 1 uses a conveyer [...]