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Munk Bogballe unveils Classic Bespoke luxury laptop collection

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It’s been more than two years after Munk Bogballe turned a MacBook into a luxury workstation. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, Munk Bogballe introduced its new luxury laptop line dubbed the Classic Bespoke collection. Pricing starts at €5,200 ($7,225) and for the same, you get lavish features like aluminum body, leather accents, [...]

Everest Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex Collection Up for Auction

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Antiquorum’s sale of Important Vintage and Modern Timepieces to be held Nov. 13 – 14 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva will include the personal collection of Rolex watches of the legendary 20th century explorer Sir Edmund Hillary, credited with being the first climber to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953. These [...]

Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection For UGG. Some Cozy Couture Kickass Boots.

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High fashion couture shoe designer Jimmy Choo has designed a capsule collection for UGG, the well-known Australian unisex fleece-lined sheepskin boots that people either love or hate. The new Jimmy Choo & Ugg collection consists of six boots in various colors. Studded, grommeted and fringed, the boots are not for the subtle- or the thrifty. [...]

Antiquorum to Auction Sir Edmund Hillary’s Rolex Watch Collection

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Important Vintage and Modern Timepieces is an event that would be held between the 13 and 14th of November. The event would see the sale of Antiquorum’s important time pieces and watches and it would be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva. The cherry on the top, at the event is a personal [...]

Puzzle outdoor furniture collection by Ego Paris

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Ego Paris, known for its outstanding outdoor furniture in aluminum, unveiled its new Puzzle Collection at the Maison et Objet (September 3 – 7, 2010). The Ego Paris Puzzle EM7 outdoor furniture collection includes lounge chairs, sun loungers, table, side table and a complete multifunctional puzzle. The “Full Puzzle 9 pieces” splits up as four [...]

The Classicist: Etiqueta Negra Launches ‘Classic Cars’ Collection

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This season Argentina-based design house Etiqueta Negra, known for its modern take on masculine, equestrian and sporting style, is launching a new men´s collection inspired by one of our favorite things: classic cars. The company’s Classic Cars Collection features casual wear such as sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, down vests and leather jackets characterized by clean lines [...]

Etiqueta Negra Launches a Men’s Collection of Casual wear Inspired by Classic Cars

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Etiqueta Negra is the Argentina based design house which has created a space for itself  in the masculine sporty style. In fact they have had several collections in the equestrian and sporting style. They are launching a new men’s collection which has been inspired by classic cars and boun to connect with a majority of [...]

we like it wild: fall collection board

October 24, 2010 by · 10 Comments 

After a few weeks of unusually high temperatures for this month, we are finally feeling autumn in northern California. Always inspired by the wild plants that cover the roadside and hills, we thought we’d bring some fall inside by making a collection board. We took the dogs and collected bits of weeds from our overgrown [...]

Spyker unveils its own limited edition timepieces collection

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Just in time for the holiday season, Dutch sports car company Spyker has rolled out its own timepiece collection, which celebrates the brand’s 24 Hours of Le Mans participation. The Spyker watches are available in solid 18K grey or rose gold finishes (250 pieces each) or in polished steel or matte black titanium finishes (1000 [...]

Leavitt Weaver Celebrate Their 33rd Anniversary With Launch of an Exclusive Collection

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The milestones in businesses are normally celebrated in intervals of five or ten years but Craig Leavitt, Stephen Weaver, and Len Revelli, the co-owners of the design firm Leavitt Weaver are celebrating their 33rd anniversary with the launch of most exclusive furniture collection to date. The collection on offer is all limited edition pieces. In [...]

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