Saturday, October 23, 2010

DUO by Quintess: The New Destination Club, A New Option for Ultimate Escapes Members And Others

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A DUO by Quintess residence, Cabo San Lucas Two weeks ago, I reported on the Ultimate Escapes Destination Club bankruptcy, which is the largest bankruptcy in the brief history of the luxury destination club industry. This industry has had more than its share of well-publicized bankruptcies, with the members of these clubs usually left out [...]

Pound Ridge Golf Club: A Country Club Experience, For A Price

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When Pound Ridge Golf Club opened two years ago in the horsey precincts of northern Westchester County, New York, more than a few eyebrows (including mine) arched over its hefty green fee. Yes, the legendary Pete Dye had designed the course, and, sure, the steep and rocky terrain made for some dramatic shots. But at [...]

Jane Austen’s Fight Club. The Bennet Girls Brawl.

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Thanks to The Daily What, I got my Sunday afternoon chuckle from this funny faux movie trailer. Quickly going viral, if you haven’t yet seen it, it takes the reserved quietude of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and melds it with David Fincher’s 1999 Movie Fight Club. If anyone knows who to credit with this [...]

Rolls Royce Picnic Set Unveiled at the Hurlingham Club in London

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This Wednesday through Friday at the posh Hurlingham Club in London, you could expect to see some really amazing events especially the concours d’élégance for vintage cars by Rolls Royce. What blows your mind is the new bespoke picnic set which was recently announced by the grand dame of all the automobile queens. The new [...]

Beach Club Program of Hotel Casa del Mar

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If you are in Southern California you must have been faced with a hot weekend. Everyone there has been heading for the beach. The result is that you simply become a part of a growing crowd and are unable to enjoy the weekend or the beach. Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica has a [...]

TAG Heur celebrates 55 years of Porsche Club of America

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The Posrche Club of America is finishing 55 years of it’s existence and the luxury watch maker Tag Heur is celebrating this event. And how is it doing that? By coming out with a watch series specially designed for the occasion! Duh! This limited edition watch is known as the Monaco watches (Not sure why [...]

living in: the breakfast club

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The middle of June triggers serious school nostalgia for me. Everyone was so happy for summer vacation and it felt like the whole school came together in one big bubbling mass of excitement. No one does school nostalgia better than the late, great John Hughes and his The Breakfast Club is a dizzying feat of [...]

The New Luxury Deliverable: Turks And Caicos Sporting Club, Ambergris Cay

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In some of my recent Luxist articles, The Dawn Of A New Economy and From Conspicuous to Conscious Consumption I have suggested how newer definitions of luxury help inform the decisions about how and why people buy in this unusual social-economic climate. I learned from the many presenters at the Luxury Summit, a luxury ideas [...]

The Ultimate Escapes Escape: The Anatomy Of The Destination Club Vacation

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The story below deals with my Ultimate Escapes escape: an experiential vacation trip I took last month. Those who know me know that I have experienced many destination club residences and villas, and I am usually asked questions about them, as many people have heard mixed reviews, due to the well-publicized bankruptcies of Lusso, High [...]

London’s elite St. James Hotel and Club put up on the market for £60 million

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London’s elite hotels are seeing a new trend these days. The trend is that most of them are being sold! Another hotel to join that list is the famous St. James Hotel and Club, which opened in 1980.  This hotel has seen several renowned guests including Michael Caine, Liza Minnelli, Lord Attenborough and Dudley Moore. [...]