Monday, September 12, 2011

The Happets and the Musical Chair for iPad

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The Happets (La Tropa de Trapo) and the Musical Chair for iPad.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = “mpu”; ch_sid = “bestcr”; ch_backfill = 1; ch_color_site_link = “#CC0000″; ch_color_title = “#CC0000″; ch_color_border = “#FFFFFF”; ch_color_text = “#333333″; ch_color_bg = “#FFFFFF”;

The Flower Chair

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During London Design Festival 2010 Japanese design trio Leif:designpark will be launching one of their new design for De La Espada – the Flower Cup for. The chair is made of plywood which is formed into a semicircle of tentative petals.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = [...]

Spidy Chair & Paint Can Lights; Awesome Combo!

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With a very creative name like Twenty5ive, you can expect nothing but some awesome madness by designer duo Melvin Ong & Yuri Kim. While Melvin sticks to insect-inspiration, Yuri explores durability and kitsch with lights. Have a look…. Itsy Bitsy Rocking Stool by Melvin is a take on the namesake nursery rhyme; hence the spider [...]

Hat Trick Chair

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The ribbon-like design of Frank Gehry’s Hat Trick chair integrates material with structure, transcending all conventions of style. The simple, sturdy beauty of this unique chair makes for the ideal dining room addition. Available with or without arms.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items ch_client = “kapuk”; ch_width = 550; ch_height = 250; ch_type = [...]

Aviator Chair: A Piece of Furniture with Aerodynamic Curves

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There is no end to our ever- increasing demand for newer and innovative designs each single day. Be it clothes, accessories, footwear, furniture our whims and fantasies never cease to gratify us. Timothy Outlon has given wings to our yearnings by designing the very innovative Aviator Chair. If you always longed for such aviation inspired [...]

Kyle Buckner’s Lounge chair doubles as a wooden sculpture

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Kyle Buckner, the American artist known for his fascination for wood into designing one-of-a-kind masterpieces from furniture design, autos, sculptures and even Apple gadgets, including the uniquely designed iTower, iPhone docking station, has now designed a unique lounge chair that consists of 152 layers of pine wood. The “Lounge” chair is finished with a red [...]

The $35,000 Zebra Safari Chair from Fine English Company

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The Fine English Company, dedicated to the best in bespoke British luxury, has unveiled the newest addition to its collection of luxe furniture, luggage and lifestyle accessories reminiscent of Britain’s colonial past with a contemporary flair. The company’s new $35,000 zebra safari chair (above) took two years to complete and was a personal mission of [...]

Elite Home Theater Seating Introduces The First Of Its Kind Multimedia Chair Especially For Apple iPad

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The launch of one of the hottest gadgets for year 2010, the Apple iPad brought about a torrent of accessories for perhaps the most loved tablet device in the world. However, none of these accessories have been as stylish and comfortable as the all new multimedia chair for iPad from Elite Home Theater Seating. This [...]

AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair from Human Touch

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I guess there is nothing left in this world, which has not been influenced by the iPad or iPhone. I am pretty sure the animals in the jungle are also using. There probably is some app for hunting or something. Anyway, moving on, there is a massage chair coming in the market that also has [...]

Wassily Chair

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Marcel Breuer was an apprentice at the Bauhaus when he conceived the first tubular steel chair based on the tubed frame of a bicycle, a product he greatly admired for its functional design. The construction of leather strips suspended on steel tubes was the first chair of its kind, a classic and a symbol of [...]