Monday, September 12, 2011

The Only Complete Deck of Silver Playing Cards Fetches Double the Estimate

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If it is both precious and rare everyone wants to have it. That’s what happened at Christies New York auction where bidders competed against each other to win a deck of cards. It was not an ordinary pack of cards that people play with for money. It was more valuable than money. The cards are [...]

‘Gilded Age Greetings’ turns cards into luxurious works of art

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and if you are planning to impress your near and dear ones with a greeting card, you need to check out the luxury Grand Couture, Couture and Signature greeting cards from Florida-based Gilded Age Greetings. Handcrafted with the finest materials, each card is an inimitable work of [...]

Gilded Age Greetings Create Grand Couture Cards Adorned With Gemstones

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When it first became possible to send greetings on line some people thought it would kill the greeting cards industry. But they were so very wrong. In fact the greeting cards industry has flourished and in fact it has gone luxurious. The holiday season is right around the corner, and if you are planning to [...]

Inspiration from Business Cards – The Most Colorful Part of Your Business

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Little things can make a big difference when it comes to first impressions… your business card is not only an opportunity to let potential clients, friends, squash partners, and recipe swap mates what your business is all about, but it is also an opportunity to let them in on a bit of your personality. Below [...]

Inspiration: 19th Century Trade Cards

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The trade card was the first widely used form of color advertisement. The format was popularized alongside of the development of lithography, and more importantly, chromolithography in the mid-19th century. Once color reproduction came about every small shop and large manufacturer went color crazy, including eye-catching illustrations on their marketing materials. These small format cards were first used at the [...]

Vintage Baseball Cards Made into Notepads

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Finally a good use for all those 1989 Topps Chris Sabo cards. Erin Zam is making and selling these really solid notepads that would be great for any baseball fan. She takes old 1950′s baseball cards and slices them down the middle so that the front and back of the same card is used as [...]

Eclectic Color Roundup: Video Color Analysis, EDGS2010 Competition, B&W Suburbia & Quirky Greeting Cards

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Video Color Analysis by Sebastian Koenig “This is a tool I built for fun with Processing ( It simply analyzes the contents of any video and generates a piechart. The value shows the average frequency of occurrence for each color detected. I randomly selected various short videos to demonstrate the tool. I do not own the copyrights [...]

A light between your credit cards

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With about the size of a normal sized credit card, this small flip up lightbulb is convenient to have in your wallet. Whenever you need a small light to search for your keys, simply grab this cut-out lightbulb and flip it up. It’ll immediately light up. What’s the point of this when we have lights [...]