Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Fiat 500 in North America Brings in $85,000 at Toronto Charity Auction

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Fiat would not exactly be considered a luxury automaker, but their spritely 500 hatchback has been winning over premium buyers around the world. Soon it will be on American shores as well – a little sooner than we thought, as it turns out, as the first one has already been sold on the Western banks [...]

Pils Bauhaus Shaving Set Brings Back the Old-school Shaving Method

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No man can ever stay without shaving for a couple of days straight. The stubble may look good for a few hours, but when it grows back in a thorny manner alter, it is not only unsightly but looks pretty filthy. There is nothing “macho” about beards and it is always great to have a [...]

SCOTTEVEST Fleece Jacket Brings Out the Dirty Secret of Airline Companies

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Here is a story how a fashion apparel company doles out a jacket that can practically put all your gadgets in the garb of pockets inside and an airline company refuses to advertise it because it might eat into its major source of revenue-baggage charges. Hailed as SCOTTEVEST Travel clothing, the fleece jacket has 24 [...]

Super Talent Technology Brings Out A Gold Plated USB Flash Drive, Pico-C

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Super Talent Technology keeps coming out with some great USB Devices. One of my favourite has been their key-shaped ones. This time around they have given the Midas Touch to a very cool USB. Called Pico-C, this device has been covered in 24 carat gold. But that is not the only thing that makes this [...]

Australia’s We Are Handsome Brings Us Wearable Waterproof Art.

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Sydney, Australia’s We Are Handsome swimwear and body suits turns your body into a canvas. Bikinis, body suits, and men’s trunks are made by hand, with the finest quality Italian Lycra. The pieces are then printed upon with high density inks using a placement sublimation process. Tyra Banks rocked the Africa Scoopback on the cover [...]

Demi Moore Brings Two Paintings To Auction

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Jerry Hall isn’t the only beautiful woman sending art to auction this fall. Demi Moore is selling two 19th-century European paintings through Sotheby’s. William Bouguereau’s Frere et Soeur, an oil painting of a young woman holding her baby brother, could bring in up to $1.5 million at Sotheby’s New York on November 4. It was [...]

Ultima Jewelry brings out customized car models in gold and platinum

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Midas would have been a very busy man these days as everything seems to be turning into gold these days. You have gold plated laptops, cellphones, and what not. Now here comes the ultimate toy car. Yes, Ultima Jewelry has given the Midas touch to those little cars that boys love to collect (Though this [...]

“Earth Leak”: Art Brings Disaster to Manhattan

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As I walked the aisles of New York’s Affordable Art Fair this past weekend, hoping to meet artists who’ll someday become the mainstays of the auction scene, a powerful installation stopped me dead in my tracks. Black paint dripped from a white orb, which was suspended above a pile of once-white everyday household items. A [...]

Bose Brings Out Its First Ever Television Set

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Bose has been known till now to make one of the best speakers. The company is now moving to TV manufacturing. Yes Bose will be bringing out its first TV around Christmas time. They recently revealed this model. It has an LCD screen, 6 woofers, 7 element speakers and something called a “sound radiator”. Called [...]

Infiniti Yachts Brings New Designs with Unique DSS Technology to Monaco Show

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The Monaco Yacht Show from September 22 to 25, 2010 will have a new offering from Infiniti Yachts. They are developing a new brand of custom sailing yachts which will target the super yacht market of 24m/82 feet upwards. In terms of design, styling and engineering they are pitching themselves against the best in the [...]