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Best Before & Afters: Making the Most of What You’ve Got

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• Before and After: From Granny to Glam • Before and After: From Road Find Dresser to Stunning Desk • Before & After: Painting Kitchen Backsplash Tile • Before and After: Esther’s Craft Closet • Before & After: Kate’s Ikea Rast Dresser Hack Read Full Post Source: Apartment Therapy Main

Best Photography of The Week

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This collection is a part of ‘Photos of the week’, a series to showcase the most beautiful photography I have seen during the last week. This week I have some really stunning photographs in various genres Including fashion, beauty, architecture and hdr.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items

Best Luxury Designer Brands Unveil Sleek iPad Cases

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iPad was the most talked about gadget of the year even before it was launched and now it is a rage all over the world. Any new gadget opens up market for new stylish covers and if the gadget is the sleek and elite iPad then we must expect best brands to create the best [...]

Modern Glass Bathubs Just Keep Getting Cooler – Here Are 12 of The Best.

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above: the Allos glass tub anchors to a partial wall that houses a monitor and faucets. I know you may have seen some collections of glass and/or transparent bathtubs on other blogs and although some of those tubs may be on this list, this also features some new and more recent designs, so I thought [...]

Cybertecture Mirror: Not a magic mirror, but the next best thing!

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I have seen many Magic Mirrors on Coolest Gadgets here before. This Cybertecture Mirror is the only one that isn’t a concept. This Cybertecture Mirror, designed by James Law, has a translucent overlaid interface and measures 800 x 500 x 50 mm. It has fog resistant glass, IP41 waterproofing, WiFi, as well as some stereo [...]

Luxury Group Rolls Out Yet Another Sumptous Travel Guide of World’s Best hotels and Resorts

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Assouline Publishing House is a name associated to collection of fine illustrated books covering art, fashion, design, architecture, gastronomy, travel and lifestyle and is known to capture culture in its real unadulterated form and bring it to life. It is now going to showcase Destination guide’s second issue by Luxury Group which speaks about 75 [...]


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Today is a quick outfit post because I'm anxious to show off this vintage necklace I just got. Look at how happy he is. I love his bow tie and his absurd eyelashes. He has eight eyelashes but only seven legs. Go figure. I would really like to know who the designer was, as this [...]

Scandinavian Cruiser 20 Mini Yacht is the best of many worlds

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Superyachts are usually all the rage in the luxury maritime world, a community where size truly matters. Just take a look at some of the drama, or gossip rather, that has been going around town regarding the alleged length of Abramovich’s largest-ever Eclipse that we covered recently. The prefix “super”, or even “mega” isn’t seemingly [...]

Street Legal Golf Cart With Best Pedigree Ready for Launch

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Golf, luxury and expensive are words that are quite compatible. It is easy and natural to conceive, design and create things that are expensive for Golf. You know there will be a market for it and ready takers willing to pay an exorbitant price. So now you have the most expensive golf buggy which is [...]

Best of Wildlife Photography

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Wildlife photography is probably the most popular part of natural photography. Wildlife photography captures the wildlife in the right place at the right time. This collection includes 50 beautiful wildlife photography that captured animals, Birds, insects and species through the lenses.2 Vote(s) Source: PicoCool / Popular items

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