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The Green Garmento Is 4 Eco Friendly Bags In One.

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The Green Garmento is a smart and chic reusable drycleaning bag created to reduce the 300,000,000 pounds of single use plastic bags that fill our landfills and waterways each year. above right image by Ann Johansson for the New York Times The eco-friendly 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that helps simplify and “green” your drycleaning routine, [...]

Bodhi High-tech bags: Time to Switch

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If you’re carrying your Kindle, camera, or smart phone in something ordinary, old, and unprotected, you could be heading for trouble. One owner reported the premature death of her iPod after only a few drops of liquid caused a “moisture” device to go berserk. Another had scratches on her iPad screen after it tumbled out [...]

Cute Convenience. Tili Bags – Patterned & Colored Zip & Seal Baggies.

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Let’s face it, we can’t all carry politically correct, eco-friendly hemp bags with us at all times, especially when toting around make-up, snacks, liquids, perishables and potentially messy items, like nail polish, sandwiches and sunscreen. Sometimes a plastic bag is truly the most convenient. But does it have to be clear and ugly? Apparently not. [...]

Heavy Shopping Bags Need Some Air For Easy Carry

September 15, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

We learnt in grade school that lesser the surface area, the more pressure it exerts and vice versa. Applying this theory to making it easy to carry heavy shopping bags, means to somehow increase the surface area of the bag-handles. I’ve seen people fold in a napkin to their grip, so that the bags doesn’t [...]

“Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks”: A Picture Book Of The Designer House’s Bags Over The Years

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We all know how wonderful Louis Vuitton bags are. But for those whose admiration for these bags go to a much higher level than for most of us, let me tell you a great news. Louis Vuitton is bringing out a new book called “Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks” that will showcase the pictures of [...]

Eastpak Unveils Sofa that Could Be Used as Bags

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It isn’t everyday that you would come across a piece of furniture that is cool, portable and also helps you to save space. The new collection by Eastpak is not just the combination of a beanbag and sofa, but it also behaves a rucksack or a bag when you require that to be. It could [...]

Derek Lam Designs a Winner for Isla Fringed Bags

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Sometime the designers come up with something so unusual that it grabs your attention immediately. It need not be flashy but must be out of the ordinary. The same is true for bags. The designers work a lot on bags as it has become one of the most important accessory for women. Without the right [...]

Collection of Men’s Bags From Louis Vuitton Grabs Attention

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Women’s bags by the famous French Fashion house, Louis Vuitton have always been the centre of attention. The unusual thing this time is that the famous fashion house  is paying more attention to the men’s market and have unveiled a stunning selection of men’s bags for spring and summer 2011. The occasion was its men’s [...]

Tattoo Artist Scott Cambell Designs Bags & Inks Models For Louis Vuitton

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Gucci has already introduced a Tattoo-inspired collection of handbags and Chanel introduced their temporary tattoos, so it’s no surprise that luxury brand Louis Vuitton has jumped on the tattwagon. The LVMH company has collaborated with artist and tattoo master Scott Campbell to design some men’s bags for the Louis Vuitton 2011 Spring Summer Men’s collection. [...]

Michelle Obama snubs Judith Leiber bags, a favourite of First Ladies since Mamie Eisenhower

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So what, if First Lady, Michelle Obama didn’t carry a Judith Leiber bag to her husband’s inaugural function. The company hasn’t been affected by the Presidential snub and is going international now. It sure should, as its elegance has found a fan in every First Lady since Mamie Eisenhower who started the tradition of carrying [...]

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